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Effects by date


N-5550 N-1126 It must be London, England. Sotheby's auction. The personnel is hanging a picture of a famous impressionist of the 19th century carefully. It is planned that tomorrow it will be sold for at least half a million pounds. And the person in the picture is certainly you. N-1025 With this Photoshop effect you will turn your picture into a watercolor hanging in the art-gallary. Modern painting is full of controversy, so don't be surprised at what you will get in the end. The hole in the wall sometimes looks better than the picture which it covers. N-895 The given photo frame displays an art gallery with four of your photos hanging on the wall. A crowd of visitors are standing in front of them and admires the masterpieces. N-755 This Photoshop effect turns your pictures into an oil painting in some museum. So, hundreds of visitors a day have a chance to take a look at you. Though not everybody is interested in arts. There is a couple of young people, who are more interested in themselves. N-638 People come to the art gallery to speak about the eternal. But if there's a beautiful girl close up, the eternal is forgotten. At least when she is here. But your pictures belong to the eternal because they are hanging on the wall in this Photoshop frame. N-497 You will turn your photo into a picture hanging in museum with this Photoshop effect. People are sitting and standing quietly looking at it. This Photoshop effect woks best with portrait-like images to preserve every detail.  N-321 Paste your picture into this frame to find it on the wall of some shopping mall. The picture must be of no use any more that's why a paper-hanger is removing it. Such a collage can be created with this Photoshop effect N-120 Compare your picture in different colours with this Photoshop effect. Perhaps you will learn something about yourself that you haven't known before. Or at least you will get a good deal of new experience. N-90 The painting of you hangs at the wall of a Louvre. Looks like Mona Lisa is somewhere near or maybe you even took her place at the wall. Well, that's fair! You are young, famous and beautiful. You deserve that and Mona Lisa maybe even never existed in a real life.