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N-1091 It's a very interesting frame for your photo with the sea, the sun and the beach. You will find your picture inside the bottle thrown ashore by the the sea waves on the sand. Such a collage will always remind you of the sea and looking at it you'll hear the  whisper of the waves. N-1085 Beautiful female breast is admired by men and is envied by women. Scientists say that it is the human nature on the genic level. In this photo collage you will find your picture on the T-shirt of a busty girl. N-1080 Quick and easy transformation of your photos into drawings in ink with the help of this Photoshop effect. In the end you will find the pictures you have chosen on the pages of an open book. But they will be photographs no more but images drawn with Indian ink. N-1068 You can turn your photo into a watercolor with this Photoshop effect. It is painted with harsh strokes, so that you could hardly see all the details if you pick up a picture with many small objects. N-1066 With this funny Photoshop effect you can easily paste your picture into a glass sphere. The magician holds the sphere in his hands and whispers something. Hopefully he wants to make you a millionaire and not to turn you into a frog. N-1063 With this Photoshop effect you can easily create a page from your own comics online. There is room for 4 pictures and boxes where you can write a text. The depicted persons are having a kind of a dialogue. And you have to decide what they are talking about. Create your own Comics online for free. N-1062 That's a very charming still life with your picture. There is an ashtray, a glass of  whiskey and a big cigar in it. Your picture will melt in the thick smoke of the cigar and looks like a silhouette of a ghost. You can send this collage to your friends just for fun. N-1060 Here's a dog with sad eyes. He has put his paws on your photo and there are tears in his eyes. Maybe he is missing you. That's how your photo frame will look like this time. Pay attention that there are no traces of the Photoshop in this frame. Photo montage with cute dog. N-1046 Two clicks with the mouse and you will find your photo on the big round pizza. The choice of the stuffing doesn't depend upon you but hopefully the head-cook has chosen it up to your taste. N-1045 With this Photoshop effect you can create your own custom demotivational poster, so it is better to choose funny pictures for it. There are also three boxes for the text and you can write anything you like. N-1044 This photo frame looks like an auditorium of the old movie theater with your picture on the silver screen. In times, when there were no computers and DVD players, going to the movies was one of the biggest fun. N-1037 In this photo frame your picture will turn into a reflection in the glass of beer. And it will also become of amber color like the real beer looks like. Certainly it is not suitable for photo albums but why shouldn't you apply this Photoshop effect for fun. Beer photo effect with very cute girl. N-1036 A French maid is cleaning a room but she is paying most attention to the wooden frame, in which you can upload your picture. It can be transformed into an oil painting with this Photoshop effect and it looks really gorgeous. Sexy Girl photo effect. N-1032 This Photoshop effect will paste your picture into a big glass jar. A very unusual place, you must admit. But it’s only a joke, so you don't have to worry. If you like it, you can keep it. If you don't like it, you can delete it. Funny photo effect with your photo in a big glass jar. N-1019 You paste your photo into this photo frame, you will find it on the cover of

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