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Effects by date


N-636 Some city in Asia. It is probably in South Korea or in China. But no matter where it is! The main thing is that you can paste your pictures in the sights of downtown, so that everybody can see them. N-577 The Rubik's Cube is also called the N-358 You will need three pictures to apply this Photoshop effect. And you'll find them on the different sides of a cube. Looks extraordinary. But the right combination of the pictures can create an enjoyable impression. N-18 The plane was to take the parcel from Argentina. They are very strange things are packed, but do not forget to stick your picture on the box. From all sides, the parcel is not lost. Well, since the pilot was in a hurry, a box dropped from the air in the center of your city. Take care! N-10 Do you like dogs? Surely you do. Without any doubt they are the most faithful friends. They don't lie, they never betray, they keep your house safe. And they keep you safe in the real life and in this collage holding your picture in the Rubik's Cube.