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We present an animated photo frames and photo effects, animated themes and pictures, where you can put your personal photos. Pick up a pair of your most felicitous photographs and made an animated desktop or animated avatars for forums or social networks. You can easily surprise your relatives. They will be definitely surprised and delighted by your unforgettable little masterpiece.You can also choose the desired photo effect and upload your photos and your friends\’ one. You are offered with a tempting opportunity to impress, amaze, or just to congratulate your friends and family sending them original animated postcards with your or their images. This unforgettable gift is suitable for all holidays: Birthday, New Year, Christmas, Name Day. You can present to your relatives an unusual animated \‘alive\’ heart.Nowadays, so-called \‘alive’\ photos, as a transition from photo to video, become very popular. The creator captures a particularly striking moments and passes it in dynamics by means of such small installations. The creation of such dynamic images is not a simple process, which uses the effect of light animation.You can create your own composition, similar to the original dynamic fashion creations online and for free without using any expensive services of a designer with the help of this section. It's really very beautiful. Please, refer to this section, examine presented here animated photo effects, animated photo frames, pictures, cards, screen backgrounds and create our own exclusive and original works of art online for free!
N-1520 N-1236 N-1230 N-1206 N-1196 With this Photoshop effect you can create a romantic collage in black and white where your picture is decorated with a heart made of stars. The arrow of Cupid has pierced your heart and it means that you have fallen in love with somebody. N-1058 It's a children's photo frame with Princess Belle from the cartoon N-998 With this Photoshop effect you will get an animated photo frame. There are two hearts beating in unison with each other. It works better with portrait photos so that you can upload the picture of your sweetheart. N-989 You will add an effect of animated snow to your photo with this Photoshop frame. A beautiful and realistic effect of falling snow gives a zest to your image. If your area there is no snow in your area at all, don't worry... Upload your photos and enjoy almost real snow! N-936 It's a pity that this photo frame can be used only online. It is animated and there are three pictures, which are constantly taking turns replacing each other. Though if your computer's software supports the GIF format, it can be saved this way. N-865 There are two options in this photo frame - an ordinary and animated one. Your picture will keep company with some of the Winx girls. They seem to be popular nowadays. N-797 These funny cartoon pirates, one of them is wearing glasses, by the way, are going to fall aboard the frame where you can paste your picture into. There are also two options for this collage. The second is animated. N-795 There are two options in this original photo frame. It can be either animated with sparkling stars or just an ordinary one. In both cases your photo will please your eyes because the frame looks great. N-593 This Photoshop collage has two versions as well: an animated one with falling snowflakes and an ordinary photo album page. Both of them have room for three pictures. So, you have to choose, which you like best. N-590 This Photoshop effect also has two possibilities. You can create two frames - with live colourful sparkles and the same frame without them. As you know, tastes differ. And after all, you can try both of them. N-587 There are two possibilities in this Photoshop effect: with live sparkles and without them. It's up to you, which to choose. The matter in question is what you like more. But in any case it comes to the winter holidays again and you can paste your picture into a wooden frame under the New Year tree.

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