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N-1216 N-1215 N-1214 N-1213 N-1212 N-1211 N-1210 N-1209 N-1208 N-1207 N-1206 N-1205 Here's one photo frame for children. Besides it can be used as a congratulation for a birthday. The enormous cake in the front will make everybody’s mouth water. And the photo of the birthday child will crown the collage. N-1204 The newspaper N-1203 It is a pity that people have forgotten, how to live in harmony with nature. Maybe this photo collage will help, because it can combine the human face with beauties of nature. Try it to see, how it looks like. N-1202 With this Photoshop effect you will post your picture on the cover page of some local newspaper. The most interesting thing is that this newspaper is situated in a special stand direct in the street. N-1201 This unusual postman must have brought you a beautiful red rose and a postcard with somebody's greetings. If you want to place your picture onto the postcard, apply this Photoshop effect. You will also learn, who this postman is.