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N-1200 Just imagine that! «Vogue», one of the most popular fashion magazines, has published on its cover your photo and the latest news and trends of the autumn 2012 from the famous designers. Impossible! Why not? Do not miss the opportunity to appear on its cover with this Photoshop effect. N-1199 The Caribbeans are associated with the world of pirates, adventures, mysteries and surprises. With this Photoshop effect you can create a cool wallpaper for your computer with your picture and pirates' motifs. N-1198 In this photo frame with a cute puppy, that has so harmless and gentle eyes, you will feel nice and comfortable. Everybody would like to have such a beautiful thing at home. He will bark with joy, when you come home, or even bring you your slippers. N-1197 In this photo frame you will find yourself together with Michelle Zen, an American model and the beauty queen of Kentucky in 2007. If you choose an appropriate picture, you may look like a couple of lovers. N-1196 With this Photoshop effect you can create a romantic collage in black and white where your picture is decorated with a heart made of stars. The arrow of Cupid has pierced your heart and it means that you have fallen in love with somebody. N-1195 In this photo frame you will find your picture on a billboard behind a stylishly tuned Ford Mustang GT. The place, where it is parked, is quite a deserted one, so you can post your picture here to scare car thieves away. N-1194 It is a colorful and vibrant photo collage online with a blue chicken. Your children are sure to like it. The only question is not clear – why the chicken is blue.? Maybe your children know, they usually have a better imagination. N-1193 Tattoos are dead trendy these days. The following Photoshop effect can turn your picture into a tattoo on the body of a brawny and strong man. I wouldn’t like to meet him in the empty street at night. N-1192 This red truck with neon lights travels from a city to a city and surprises everyone who looks at it. But it will not surprise you, because you know, who has placed three pictures on its sides. In the nighttime it looks really great. N-1191 You can post your photo easily and without problems on the title page of the new newspaper called “The PicJoke.net”. Your picture does not match with the news published there, but who actually cares N-1190 It is going to be a romantic photo effect with your picture against the background of the Moon and clouds. Photo effects like a mirage are very popular with our visitors and guests. There is always something mysterious and fascinating in them. N-1189 Nowadays there are more and more female politicians in the world. Here is a collage with the first Thailand's  female Prime minister and the photo was taken at the World Economic Forum in 2012. You will find your photo on the coffee table in front of her. N-1188 Here comes one more children’s photo frame for girls. Every girl dreams to become a princess. With this Photoshop effect it is quite possible. All you need is to upload your picture and here you are. N-1187 Shakira's stage name comes from her full name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. She was born on the second of February, 1977.  Shakira became popular as an author, composer and performer of music in the style of pop latino. She also is known for her talent to dance. Your photo with Shakira will be a nice gift. N-1186 With a movement of the magic wand or rather with this Photoshop effect you will place your picture on the T-shirt of Ollanta Moises Humala Tasso, the President of the Republic of Peru. Who knows? It can become his favorite T-shirt.