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N-1185 In this photo frame you will find your picture in the middle of heart made of sea shells on the beach. It looks very romantic and maybe let you recall the sweet summer months and the holidays, which you spent on the seaside. N-1184 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into an oil painting, which some cutie has hanged over her bed. The reason why she has done that is not clear, but you will really look great in her company. N-1183 Colombia is well-known all around the world for its drugs and drug lords. But most of the people of the country grow coffee and bananas and live below poverty line. The president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos Calderon does his best to improve the situation. Maybe your picture will help. N-1182 In this photo montage a parrot is holding your picture in the beak. Many children are fond of  parrots. In some homes it is even a member of the family. Your kids are sure to like this collage very much. N-1181 We offer juicy and colorful scrapbooking frame in our Photoshop online today. Summer is the time for  vocations, adventures and romance. Spring is also rich in pleasing colors but cannot be compared with summer. N-1180 The next photo collage is created for lovers. You will find your photo between the necks of two swans here heart-shaped. These beautiful birds symbolize love and devotion. Hopefully this frame decorate any of your picture. N-1179 Not everybody knows that the real name of Marilyn Monroe is Norma Jean Mortenson. During the World War II she worked at a military factory, which produced airplanes and spare parts to them. In this collage she is holding two of your pictures in her hands. N-1178 Green is the best color for the human eye. You can upload up to three pictures into this photo frame decorated with young bamboo trees. And your pictures full of greenery will only add more charm to your collage. N-1177 Video conferences have become quite a usual thing now. If you upload your pictures into this photo frame, you will be able to take part in them and report to your bosses that you have done your work right. N-1176 A very unusual photo montage. Maybe in the future people will develop a breed of some dog robots, which will take care of your babies and even take them to museums like you do. So you can go to work and be sure that your children are safe. That is where they can see pictures of their Mums and Dads. N-1175 You can paste your picture into a fairy castle with a little pony in front of it. Your children do not need any special skills to make such a photomontage. Our  Photoshop online will help them to create a collage like that just with a few clicks of the mouse. N-1174 Truong Tan Sang, the president of Vietnam since July 2011, is opening the national museum of Vietnamese ancient art. He is turning over the pages of the ancient book, which contains pictures of the classic Vietnamese artists. Don't be surprised, when you see a pictures of yours there. N-1173 If you have recently brought home your new pictures from your sea vocations, it is high time to upload them into this photo frame to decorate your scrapbooking album and enjoy once again every moment of it. N-1172 The saying goes about an an elephant in a china shop. It is not the case this time. In Thailand the elephants can even draw. May be the quality of your picture will not be the best, but how interesting it is. N-1171 This children's photo frame with a fish and a turtle is suitable for both girls and boys. Deep in the oceans there are many interesting and amazing creatures, animals and fish. Our photo frame will help you to imagine the beauty of the underwater world. N-1170 It's a pure wedding photo effect. Charming atmosphere, exotic flowers and everything is decorated in white. Paste your photo into this frame and enjoy the atmosphere of the real celebration with the bride and groom.