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N-1169 Now it is very trendy to make T-shirts, mugs etc. with one's own picture on them. But personalized pillows are still a rare phenomenon. Though, in our Photoshop online you can make a pillow to your taste and color. N-1168 With this Photoshop effect you can create a lovely collage with two pictures. It is a paper and wood piece of art decorated with hearts, ribbons and twigs. Everything is done to make your photos look unusual. N-1167 Here is one more photo montage with politicians. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is getting out of the car and holding your picture in his hands. It is hard to say what he will do with it but it is quite clear that needs it. N-1166 It will be a photo frame with sea motifs. It is easy to create and free of charge in our Photoshop online, so that you can decorate your original photos the way you like just in a few seconds. N-1165 In the given photo frame German Chancellor Angela Merkel along with the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy are probably going to meet the representatives of mass-media. Nicolas Sarkozy is carrying your photo. It is interesting why?  N-1164 This collage is a shot from the movie «Pulp Fiction» directed by Quentin Tarantino. It is one of the best movies of 1994 and won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. In this collage the scene in a restaurant is depicted and the character played by Uma Thurman is holding your photo in her hand. N-1163 The following photo montage is a combination of a Polaroid photo and some other trifles scattered on the beach in the sand. And the Polaroid photo is going to be your photo frame in this collage. N-1162 This Photoshop effect will turn your photo into a graffiti done by some street artist on the wall. It's simple, free of charge and takes only a few seconds. Take a chance and have a look! Very unusual! N-1161 This photo frame is created for airplane lovers. Far in the sky you can see a McDonnel Douglas F/A-18 Hornet and there is room for two pictures. This collage can serve as a wallpaper for your PC or as a decoration for your photo album. N-1160 That is another chance to create a page for your virtual wedding album. There is room for three pictures, which are decorated with white butterflies and exotic orchids. The butterflies and flowers give the collage extra lightness and charm. N-1159 The following photo frame is created in form of a black and white stripe of a film with incomparable Natalia Oreiro. You can upload up to three photos or just multiply one them the way you like. And you will get a lovely collage in retro style. N-1158 This is a free Photoshop frame with sea views for two pictures. Egypt means the eternal sun and the ancient pyramids. And yet this ancient country attracts tourists and lovers of the sea for its fantastically beautiful scenery and pure water. Today we offer you a ride on a catamaran. N-1157 It is a wedding photo frame for your family album. It is worth trying to decorate your picture with this frame, even if you are an amateur. With our free Photoshop frames online, you can give a zest to your photos every day. N-1156 This collage consists of five photos and looks like a page from a photo album. So you can upload pictures of your friends to please your eyes. Besides you can add an inscription to your pictures in a special box. N-1155 It is going to be a calendar page for July 2012 with two pictures of yours. July is the most beautiful summer month. The warm sun will give your skin all the necessary vitamins and make you healthier.