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N-1154 There are a lot of funny games for girls on our site. Here is another picture collage for girls with the Winx fairies. Don't hesitate to paste your photos and have a good time. Hopefully you will like your collage. N-1153 This invincible cowboy has probably tamed a indomitable bull once again. Naturally, all the spectators want to get an autograph of the fearless conqueror. Funnily, but he is signing your pictures, if you have uploaded them of course. N-1152 With this Photoshop effect you can create a striking collage with your picture and our  planet Earth. Artificial satellites constantly send us pictures of our planet and we understand, how tiny it is in the universe. N-1151 Natalia Oreiro is a famous singer, actress and a model of the Uruguayan origin as well as the member of the UNICEF program. She is also known for her TV series N-1150 The beach of a tropical sea. It must be a very unusual place for your wedding party. Everything is ready for the wedding ceremony, and the guests can arrive any moment. Insert your photo into the frame as the final detail and enjoy. N-1149 The given photo frame is created in a military style. Made for those, who are «in the army now». Boys will hopefully like it either, even if they will not join the army in the future. Let's hope that there will be no armies then. N-1148 It's a long-awaited scrapbooking frame for boys and girls. This collage is quite unusual, because you can paste three photos at once. The first photo will appear twice and serves as the background at the same time. N-1147 Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner together with Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias are announcing the winners of the contest «The Best Man of the Year» at the final show. If you paste your pictures into the frames, they could be you. N-1146 You can create a lovely seascape for two pictures with this Photoshop effect. Everything looks so calm that you want it to last forever. But at least you can decorate the desktop of your computer with this charming picture. N-1145 It's great that the long-awaited summer vacation has begun! Hooray! You can swim the whole day in the river, go fishing and even sometimes spend a night outdoors. And your Mum and Dad can relax under the gentle sunshine. N-1144 In this photo frame you'll find your picture in the hands of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He became the President in 2004, ran for re-election in 2009  and won with an outright majority of the votes in the first round of balloting. N-1143 This photo frame is devoted to European Football Championship 2012. The English national team didn't play very well, of course, but managed to move to the quarter finals. Let this collage be a piece of memory about these days. N-1142 Imagine your surprise, when your are walking in your city and suddenly can see your photo on a billboard. That's what you are able to do with this Photoshop effect. Or is it no longer a surprise for you and you are already get used to fame and popularity. N-1141 The manufacturers from «Apple» has presented recently their new iPhone 5. Although it will officially appear on sale only in October, you can see it on our website and even paste your picture on its display. N-1140 One more wedding photo frame. The combination of two incredibly delicate colors – white and gold, gives it splendor and luxury. This photo collage will help you arrange unforgettable moments of your life.