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N-1139 And this is Justin Bieber. An idol for many teenagers. The Canadian pop-singer, musician and actor. Despite his age, and he is only 18 years old, he has achieved great popularity and fame. In this collage he is holding your picture in his hands. N-1138 Alla Selezneva, the wife of a Ukrainian striker Evgen Seleznev poses for PicJoke. Certainly she supports her husband and inspires him, as well as the whole national Ukrainian team to win Euro 2012. As the matter of fact it is not important who will win. Let's enjoy the game! N-1137 Again and again the latest news are coming from the European Championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. The symbols of Euro 2012 have already gained huge popularity. Don't miss a chance to make a collage with them. N-1136 This collage consists of painted strawberries and other bright trifles. But the most vivid element is certainly your picture in a red-dotted frame. Just paste your photo and enjoy! Fresh strawberries are also coming soon. N-1135 In this photo frame your picture will become almost transparent against the background of the slightly stormy sea. You can create a wonderful wallpaper for your PC with it or just decorate your photo album. N-1134 A carefully selected interior and your picture in the ornate frame in vintage style of Provence. That is how your next collage looks like. And you also have a choice whether to make your picture black and white photo or to turn it into a pencil portrait done by a street artist. N-1133 It is going to be a collage created of two photos. But you will find them in very unusual surroundings. Let it be a secret where they are! You don’t like secrets, do you? O.K. They are on the posters thrown away after a political demonstration. N-1132 In this photo frame you will find your picture at the height  by more than 92 meters from the ground because the famous Statue of Liberty in New York keeps it in her hand. Looks very extraordinary, doesn't it? N-1131 That is a very interesting photo frame for three photos. Fancy your pictures hanging  on the wall of the unusual way. You can accept them as a concept, but you can try to implement this idea at home. Your guests will be extremely surprised at this composition. N-1130 This Photoshop effect will paste your picture right in the middle of the luxurious bunch of tender white roses decorated with tropical green leaves. Hopefully such a collage will please your eyes. N-1129 Have a break and a cup of coffee! With this Photoshop effect you can place your picture on your favorite cup. If you prefer tea, let it be a tea-cup. The most important thing is that your pleasure will be doubled. You can enjoy both – coffee and your picture on the cup. N-1128 Paris! The capital of the world's fashion and the city of romance. It never ceases to amaze. And, of course, you can not imagine it  without its charming perfumes. If you paste your photo in this frame, you will find it on the bottle of one of them. N-1127 Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro) is a Portuguese football player. He is considered to be one of the highest paid footballer in the world. Now he plays for Real Madrid. In this photo frame you can place your picture on his jersey. N-1126 It must be London, England. Sotheby's auction. The personnel is hanging a picture of a famous impressionist of the 19th century carefully. It is planned that tomorrow it will be sold for at least half a million pounds. And the person in the picture is certainly you. N-1125 The summer has come at last and it is a high time to get a calendar for June 2012 with your picture. This Photoshop effect will help you to do it. Just upload your photo and enjoy what your have done.