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N-1124 Roses belong to the most delicate and beautiful flowers. In the given photo frame your picture will merge into the background of roses. It is free of charge and you can create a wonderful collage just in a few minutes. N-1123 China is the most populated country in the world. Chinese civilization is one of the oldest. The history of China has more than five thousand years. The Chinese have invented paper, gunpowder, fireworks. But they are also known for their arts. In this photo frame you'll find your photo against the background of some lovely Chinese landscapes. N-1122 The given photo frame is also designed for children and is full of  juicy bright colors. Funny chickens on the farm will decorate any of your pictures and raise your spirits. Try it to check how it looks like. N-1121 The heads of the Russian government Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev are discussing the current situation in the country and in the world in their office. Your picture is modestly hanging on the wall. N-1120 Your picture on a billboard in the heart of New York! Sounds nice. All you have to do is to paste your photo and here you are! It is in the the most frequented street of the largest U.S. city. And hundreds of thousands of passers-by can see you. N-1119 This vintage photo effect is a combination of three pictures on one page of a photo album. Besides there is an option, whether to leave them in color or turn into black and white. It's up to you how to create your collage. N-1118 It's a romantic photo frame of the sunset. The sea is calm and the sun has already almost disappeared. Your picture merges with the horizon and leaves a trace of unbelievable beauty of the seascape. N-1117 Welcome to the world of Charles Perrault! All the characters of his fairy tales are to see here. And the Little Red Riding Hood first of all. Certainly this photo frame is designed for children but adults may like it as well. N-1116 If you paste your picture into this photo frame, it will appear on a big billboard behind the barbed wire. Looks a little bit freaky but you will enjoy it very much. A billboard in the prison must be something special. N-1115 With this Photoshop effect you can create a funny collage with clowns. They are walking in the street and holding a poster with your picture. Maybe it is a children's festival or the opening of a toy store. Or the circus has come to your town. N-1114 Roses ... How sincere feelings of love they can express! How much romance and tenderness is hidden in them! So come and get an elegant floral frame made of roses for your picture. It will delight your eyes with its irresistibility. N-1113 Males will like this photo frame very much. There are two nude cuties, who probably got wet in the rain. So they had to undress to dry their clothes. And you will find your photo on the T-shirt of one of them. N-1112 It's going to be a floral collage with lilies of all colors and daisies. The flowers make a frame, where you can paste your photo. Looks modest but tasteful and can decorate any photo album of yours. N-1111 In this photo frame you will find a mysterious island in the Caribbean, the hot sun, evergreen palm trees, a lagoon and a pirate ship. Well, you can become a pirate, if you want.  Just click the mouse a couple of times. N-1110 This heart-shaped photo frame decorated with pearls and flowers will allow your pictures to look unforgettable. Its gentle and tender colors will leave nobody indifferent. Especially your girlfriend. Make her a nice surprise. N-1109 Have you never been to Turkey? If not, it is high time to travel there. At least virtually! In the past it was the center of the Ottoman Empire with a rich history and culture. With this photo frame you have a unique opportunity to be a guest of the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul. So don’t miss this opportunity.