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N-1108 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This incredible novel of Lewis Carroll is known by everybody from small to large. Little Alice, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and many more unusual characters are still loved by children and adults. Be sure, you will like this photo frame. N-1107 Bollywood is making now more movies than Hollywood. In this photo frame you will find yourself in the company of the famous Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. At the moment Kareena Kapoor is one of the most wanted actresses of Indian cinema. N-1106 Full of flowers, juicy and bright, alluring and passionate – this photo frame will refresh and beautify any of your photos. All shades of red give it an extra flavor, so that you will feel yourself a part of summer nature. N-1105 In this photo frame the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff is awarded with your picture. So, if you occasionally come to Brazil, don’t forget to visit him and ask why. Maybe he doesn’t know himself. N-1104 You will create an original and trendy collage for 3 photos with this Photoshop-effect. The pictures in the frame resemble reflections in oval mirrors, which are placed side by side somewhere in the lounge. N-1103 It is going to be a refined and delicate scrapbooking effect in retro style. Paste your photos into this frame, you will get back to old castles, ladies in splendid ornate dresses, lace parasols and sun hats with elegant sophisticated decorations. N-1102 With this Photoshop-effect you can create a collage to the Victory in Europe Day. Eternal memory to the victims and many happy years to survivers. Many years have passed, but people still remember their grandfathers and great grandfathers, who brought us peace in 1945. N-1101 This colorful children's photo frame is suitable for both girls and boys. A delicious piece of cake in the front will remind you of fun, birthday parties and other holidays of  your childhood. N-1100 The new Nissan Ellure is famous for its unique aerodynamic design and a luxurious interior. Here you can see this wonderful car in all its beauty. And your picture is turned into graffiti on the wall near it. N-1099 In this photo frame the current President of Mexico Felipe Calderon is receiving your picture from some woman. It's hard to say why he is honored with your picture but it is really so. Upload your picture to make sure. N-1098 A very unusual photo collage. Your picture will be broken into four pieces. So you will paste one picture and get it cut. But you don't have to worry or get surprised. It's only Photoshop. N-1097 With this Photoshop effect you can collect pictures of four your friends and this photo frame will not leave anyone indifferent. You will find so many wonderful trifles here, that can make you feel happier. N-1096 In this photo frame a fat and slightly unshaven gentleman goes briefly over the headlines the morning newspaper. His coffee is about to be ready. At this point his eyes see a picture on the cover page. Guess whose picture it is going to be! N-1095 It will be a lovely photo collage devoted to nature with a big lake, a forest on the horizon and a couple of swans waiting for the rising sun. You picture is going to melt into this beauty. N-1094 This free children's frame for three pictures is well suited to those, who have three kids. Alternatively, you can upload three different pictures of one baby. Then you will get a kind of a small photo gallery.