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N-1078 It is going to be another spring photo frame with tender pink lilies. If you like lilies, you will like the frame. In the language of flowers lilies mean purity and innocence. Try this Photoshop effect to make sure. N-1077 Here's a photo frame for seven pictures well suited for your large family or just for fun. Or maybe you are so sociable man that you have a lot of friends. You can gether them on one wall. A hall of fame, so to say. N-1076 This picture frame looks like a scene from one of the Shakespeare's plays. Most probably from N-1075 With this Photoshop effect you will turn your photo into a painting in oil. Nothing special at the first sight but there is also Paris Hilton, who is standing next to your picture. Who Paris Hilton is, doesn't probably need any explanation. N-1074 This charming photos frame has features of the oriental style combined with the European one. It looks mild and tender and it is one of the best ways to decorate your pictures without efforts. N-1073 This children's picture frame is a scene from the cartoon N-1072 In this photo montage for free you will find Kelly Brook, a British actress and model, in the foreground and your photo, which creates the background. The collage is done all in blue. Hopefully you will enjoy it. N-1071 You can create a lovely still life with this Photoshop effect, in which you will find your morning cup of tea and your picture lying on the table. There is nothing to say - it's just a cosy home atmosphere. Sepia tone free photo effect online. N-1070 Here's one more creative photo collage made of two pictures you may get with our free Photoshop effect online. Both pictures are pasted into oval frames and you can decorate the desktop of your computer with it. N-1069 You can get such a wonderful collage done with your own hands with this Photoshop effect online. All you need to do is to select three pictures, preferably vertical ones, otherwise you will have to select the desired areas on the horizontal photographs. Make photo collage by own hands. N-1068 You can turn your photo into a watercolor with this Photoshop effect. It is painted with harsh strokes, so that you could hardly see all the details if you pick up a picture with many small objects. N-1067 The following photo frame consists of luxury roses located all around your picture. It is suitable for any festive occasion like birthdays or weddings. Just paste your picture into it to see how it looks like. N-1066 With this funny Photoshop effect you can easily paste your picture into a glass sphere. The magician holds the sphere in his hands and whispers something. Hopefully he wants to make you a millionaire and not to turn you into a frog. N-1065 Try this Photoshop effect to paste your photo into a street advertising light box. Maybe it is not the best place for your photo, but surely is not the worst. Take a look at how it looks like. If your don't like it, you can always delete it. Make a billboard of yourself online for free. N-1064 It's going to be a lovely calendar page for April 2012 with your picture. Just upload your photo and you will get a calendar for April with your photo in an oval frame surrounded with tulips and funny chickens. N-1063 With this Photoshop effect you can easily create a page from your own comics online. There is room for 4 pictures and boxes where you can write a text. The depicted persons are having a kind of a dialogue. And you have to decide what they are talking about. Create your own Comics online for free.