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N-1047 In the given photo frame you will look like a movie or pop-star, whose picture bears traces of lipstick after kisses left by exalted female fans. Enjoy the moment of your glory! It won't last for ever.  N-1046 Two clicks with the mouse and you will find your photo on the big round pizza. The choice of the stuffing doesn't depend upon you but hopefully the head-cook has chosen it up to your taste. N-1045 With this Photoshop effect you can create your own custom demotivational poster, so it is better to choose funny pictures for it. There are also three boxes for the text and you can write anything you like. N-1044 This photo frame looks like an auditorium of the old movie theater with your picture on the silver screen. In times, when there were no computers and DVD players, going to the movies was one of the biggest fun. N-1043 If you upload your photo into this photo frame, you will create a lovely collage with sunflowers. Your picture will be in the background of these marvelous flowers edged with light green colors. N-1042 It is going to be a children's photo frame with two teddy bears, that are holding heart-shaped balloons in their paws and flying up to the sky. They are also carrying your picture with them. Enjoy this scene! N-1041 Let's go motorcycling. At least it can be read in the eyes of the cutie who is sitting on the cool bike. And there is also room for two of your pictures placed on the bedraggled wall of some building. N-1040 This collage consists of your picture in a photo frame and a luxury bunch of roses. It can be used practically for all occasions and will help you to express your tender feelings of love and tenderness. N-1039 Here comes one more wonderful photo frame made of pearls. The spring has come at last and you will find all the colors of spring in it. Who could wish for more? It will please your eyes and make you feel happier. N-1038 In this photo frame your picture will melt among the petals of red roses and become of the same color. Besides they are covered with drops of the morning dew, which makes the collage look especially striking. Photo frame with red roses. N-1037 In this photo frame your picture will turn into a reflection in the glass of beer. And it will also become of amber color like the real beer looks like. Certainly it is not suitable for photo albums but why shouldn't you apply this Photoshop effect for fun. Beer photo effect with very cute girl. N-1036 A French maid is cleaning a room but she is paying most attention to the wooden frame, in which you can upload your picture. It can be transformed into an oil painting with this Photoshop effect and it looks really gorgeous. Sexy Girl photo effect. N-1035 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse make one of the best recognized star pair in the world of animation. So, it's not a shame to decorate your picture with these cartoon characters. Especially for children. N-1034 In this photo frame you can place your picture on a huge billboard over a McDonald's restaurant. The most interesting thing is that your picture undergoes some small changes in the the course of transformation. N-1033 You can make a calendar page for March 2012 with this Photoshop effect. Month has got its name in honor of the Roman god of war Mars. But who cares? The most important thing is  that you can get a practical calendar for everyday use.