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N-1032 This Photoshop effect will paste your picture into a big glass jar. A very unusual place, you must admit. But it’s only a joke, so you don't have to worry. If you like it, you can keep it. If you don't like it, you can delete it. Funny photo effect with your photo in a big glass jar. N-1031 N-1030 Discover a new world with this simple but marvelous Photoshop effect. Its uniqueness is manifested in the shapes, colors and shades. The surrounding elements don't diminish the brightness of your picture, they emphasize it. Simple round photo frame. N-1029 This collage consists of your picture in the frame and a luxury bunch of flowers. The very thing to express your tender feelings of love and to sing “I wanna grow old with you”. It's perfect for such occasions. N-1028 This Photoshop effect can create a collage with adventurous pirates' life motifs and your picture. And can you imagine the life of a pirate without a sailing ship and the chest full of treasures? Pirate Photo Frame. N-1027 In this photo frame you can upload four different pictures. The first photo you choose will be the biggest one and will make up the background. The rest will supplement each other, so that you can get a kind of a page from a photo album. N-1026 That is going to be a collage or photo frame with military motifs. Every country still has an army and there is nothing we can do about it. But let the weapon never be used, which most pitifully is not the case nowadays. N-1025 With this Photoshop effect you will turn your picture into a watercolor hanging in the art-gallary. Modern painting is full of controversy, so don't be surprised at what you will get in the end. The hole in the wall sometimes looks better than the picture which it covers. N-1024 Here comes one more children's photo frame with Cinderella. She is loved by all the girls. That's why they often decorate their pages in social networks with her pictures. The evil stepmother and her daughters made Cinderella work from dawn to dusk. N-1023 Here comes one more romantic collage with two photo frames. Both are heart-shaped and, as you might have already guessed, have to do with love. There are no hints at St.Valentine's Day but bright red flowers all around let it use on this occasion too. N-1022 The given collage consists of five photos and is made in a photo film style. The first photo you download is the biggest one and the others give it an extra zest. With picjoke.net you can create such wonderful collages just in a few minutes. N-1021 Two doves are carrying your photo in the heart-shaped frame. When you paste your picture into it, you will create a charming collage, which in no case disappoints you. It can also be used as a wallpaper for your PC. Wedding collage with two doves and big heart. N-1020 You can create a lovely winter collage with two pictures in the company of the Walt Disney cartoon characters. Maybe you will feel like travelling to Austria to go in for mountain skiing or just to have some winter fun. N-1019 You paste your photo into this photo frame, you will find it on the cover of