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N-1018 We all are sailing on the river of our lives and managing your boats. We are trying to avoid pitfalls. Maybe this fairy-tale collage will help us to understand it better and enjoy every moment of our being. Free children photo frame with frogs. N-1017 St.Valentine's Day is a day of love and kisses. Express your love to your sweetheart with this photo frame. There is no doubt that it will be appreciated. Two pictures in the frame will help you to do it the best way. Frame for two photos - Two love hearts. N-1016 We used to write notes to the girls or boys we liked during classes at school. With this Photoshop effect you can make such a note with your picture and an inscription N-1015 Let's pay tribute to Whitney Houston, who passed away February 11, 2012. During 48 years of her life she had managed to do more than some people can't do during 80. And who can forget her part in N-1014 It's going to be a charming photo frame to St. Valentine's Day. You can combine three pictures at once here. The first photo will be the biggest and the others are smaller. So, you have to decide whose picture will be the most outstanding. Hopefully it won't come to a quarrel in the end. N-1013 If your paste your picture into this photo frame, you'll create a miracle collage with the scenery of the sea bottom. The underwater world is so beautiful and entertaining. You will find sea stars, colorful fish, jellyfish and water plants here. N-1012 In this photo frame you will find your picture as a reflection on the beer glass. True beer lovers will enjoy it immensely. Yeah, when there isn't enough beer at home, then it's a real problem. N-1011 You can create a funny collage with your picture a small surprised giraffe with this Photoshop effect. The comic giraffe is staring at your photo as if he had seen something extraordinary. N-1010 This photo frame has an unusual round shape. It seems to have turned out quite an original one because it is made of green sticks bound with lace. White flowers and the Eiffel Tower gives it an extra flover of romantic appeal. N-1009 Your picture on the stage of a cabaret. There are three girls dancing and one of them is  holding your photo in her hands. That's how your photo frame looks like this time. So, let's go to cabaret! N-1008 This Photoshop effect will help you to create a transcendental collage. It does look unusual and can decorate any of your photo. Try it to check if you will like it. Pure delight for the virtuosity. Happy birthday online photo frame for kids and not only. N-1007 There's only the day the whole long year,<br>That I hope and pray the sun won't appear.<br>The second of February, you all know,<br>The groundhog goes searching for his shadow...<br>It doesn't matter whether the groundhog will find his shadow or not. The winter is almost over but you can still create a lovely calendar page for February 2012 with your picture in it. N-1006 Another fantastic collage with a white fairy tale horse. Paste your picture in it and you will get a striking screensaver for your computer. Your photo will fuse into the background and become dark blue with the shades of black. N-1005 When you upload your photo into this photo frame, you will find it on the cover of a very old book. Maybe it is the first book that has been ever printed. If not, then it must be one of the first. N-1004 This photo frame is a collage made of three different pictures against the background of cream roses. If you do not have three pictures available, then upload one pic and it will be multiplied.