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N-1003 This Photoshop effect will transform your photo into a realistic drawing in pencil. All you have to do is to upload your photo and the wonder will happen. Not only magicians work wonders. N-1002 The given photo frame is a colorful children's collage made in the animation-style with the country-side motifs. There is a funny wooden fence and quite unusual plants in it. Your junior kids will like immensely. N-1001 Online scrapbooking photo frame for free. The people, who keep up their family traditions, are worthy of respect. In a word it is called scrapbooking. This photo frame is a kind of example of  scrapbooking for beginners with  two pictures of different sizes. N-1000 Kodak isn't any more at the market. Photographic films are not bought nowadays any more. So, maybe it's your last chance to get a picture on the film of the famous brand. That's how your photo frame will look like this time. N-999 Download your picture into this Photoshop frame and you will get a black and white billboard on the wall of some building. There is a young couple passing by but they don't look at you. They are talking heatedly and don't care, who is depicted on the billboard. N-998 With this Photoshop effect you will get an animated photo frame. There are two hearts beating in unison with each other. It works better with portrait photos so that you can upload the picture of your sweetheart. N-997 This photo frame will turn your picture into the reflection on the glass of red wine. Even the color of wine can tell a lot - you can appreciate its quality at the first sight. This wine belongs to the best without any doubt. N-996 There is a picture of a cute girl in stockings and lingerie in the front. She looks like a porn star lying bored on the couch. And you'll find your photo in the frame on the wall behind her. N-995 It is a collage made of three photos in black and white and colored at the same time. The first picture you upload creates the background and the other two are placed in small flower-like frames. There are also sparkling stars all around. N-994 This photo frame is a composition of light pink roses and your picture lying over them. The luxury bunch of roses gives an impression of a holiday. A perfect frame for the photos of your dear ones. N-993 If you combine violet and lilac shades of spring colours, you will create an oval photo frame with flowers. Looking at this frame you may even feel the smell of the late spring when everything is in blossom. N-992 On a bright sunny day a cheeky cat is walking on business somewhere. He does not even notice the drawing in chalk done by children on the pavement. This drawing will be the transformation of the picture you have chosen for this photo frame. N-991 If you paste your photo into this frame, you will create an amazing wallpaper all in blue with a beach at night. There are also palm trees in the dark and a distant light. It gives an impression of sadness and a dream at the same time. N-990 And here comes a photo effect with the rat Remy from the cartoon N-989 You will add an effect of animated snow to your photo with this Photoshop frame. A beautiful and realistic effect of falling snow gives a zest to your image. If your area there is no snow in your area at all, don't worry... Upload your photos and enjoy almost real snow! N-988 A sexy cutie posing against the background with your picture. Oh, yeah, she's got everything a beautiful girl needs! Perfect figure, alluring and seductive look. And she poses for the camera really cool against your picture in a big frame that hangs on the wall.