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N-956 The given collage is made in form of a developed photo film. You can upload two pictures in it and decorate your laptop or computer. If you possess a good deal of imagination, you can even use it for other purposes. N-955 It's a romantic photo collage with a heart-shaped frame for your pictures. Here you will find a sea, palm trees and a wooden  bridge, which stretches far into the sea, with a pair of lovers on it. N-954 Here comes another children's photo frame with the motifs of the well-known movie N-953 A model in stockings with a playful gaze and in a sexy pose has gently hugged a wooden frame, where you can upload your picture. Maybe she wants to flirt with you. Check to see how it looks like. N-952 It's a children's photo frame with a cheerful clown in funny yellow shoes, who is unfolding a big poster with your picture. There are also red and blue of balloons to crown it all. Your kids will like it very much. N-951 One more marvelous photo frame for your pictures. This time with winter motifs. Just imagine, it's getting dark and the sky is clear. The moon is shining brightly. It makes everything look a little bit unreal. A nice place for your photo, isn't it? N-950 Your black and white picture will make the background for two cuties on sport motorcycles in this photo frame. In fact you can choose any picture you like, but it will become black and white in any case. Though, there are no pure colors in nature. N-949 Upload your photos to create a worn out page of a photo album with four different pictures! The album must have been leafed through a lot of times because the page looks really worn out. But nevertheless it has its charm. N-948 The American actor Michael Hall, who has played the main part in the TV series N-947 Oh, that's gonna be another gorgeous photo frame for special occasions. Your picture will be adorned with a red bow, white and green lace, a bunch of roses and golden beads. No doubt, you will like it very much as well as your friends. N-946 N-945 Children will like this photo frame because there are characters of their favorite cartoons N-944 This collage will bring spring into your home during cold winter monthes. It is decorated with light blue and white flowers, butterflies, lace and a lot more. In the given photo frame your picture is going to be located right in the middle of wakening nature. N-943 Welcome to the movie world! The given photo frame will help you to make a collage with the main characters of the movie N-942 Here comes one more collage in form of a calendar page for December. There is already a smell of Chrismas in the air, so it is decorated in the Chrismas style. You will find your picture right in the middle of this photo frame.