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N-941 With this Photoshop effect you can create a charming collage with your picture against the background of a sea-scape at sunset. And what is more, your photo will be doubled in form of a reflection on the sea waves. N-940 If you paste your picture into this framework, you will get a very romantic collage with a heart-shaped frame for your pictures. It's perfect for sweethearts and beloved. Adrenaline in your blood will rise by several points and your heart will beat faster and faster. N-939 You can assemble and connect Lego bricks in many ways. Everything can be constructed with them - vehicles, buildings, and even working robots. In this photoframe for kids there are motifs of the famous movie N-938 N-937 Contemporary photographers chose for their models unusual locations. In this photo frame one of the models is lying on the sofa in a deserted and crummy apartment. You will find your picture in a frame on the wall behind her. N-936 It's a pity that this photo frame can be used only online. It is animated and there are three pictures, which are constantly taking turns replacing each other. Though if your computer's software supports the GIF format, it can be saved this way. N-935 Here comes one more beautiful photo frame with love motifs. There are tender flowers, tiny hearts, cupids, beads, lace and the inscription N-934 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a graffiti on the wall of an old building. There is a pretty girl sitting in front of it. She is probably dreaming of how to leave this deserted and crummy district. N-933 Happy birthday to you!<br>Happy birthday to you!<br>Happy birthday, dear who? Dear you!<br>Happy birthday to you!<br> A greeting card to the birthday with three photos. N-932 Try this Photoshop effect to fuse your picture into the background of  the city of Venice at night. The photo of the city itself is done in the high dynamic range that's why this collage looks especially striking. N-931 In this photo frame your picture is kept by a fragile girl. Maybe she tries to cover her nudity with your photo. Or maybe there are some other reasons for her keeping your photo on her naked buttocks. You will never understand a woman. N-930 In this photo frame you will find two blondies standing at the racing track in front of a bright yellow sport-racing car. They are holding two boards, in which you can upload your pictures. A question! Are the girls your sponsors, promoters or just fans? N-929 This collage contains a burgundy-colored frame with violets and butterflies. It may also contain your picture if you upload it. That's what you can create with this Photoshop effect. And you won't regret it for a single second. N-928 There is nothing special about this photo frame but... There is always a but. Your picture will be practically unchanged but you can add an inscription to it, which can be written in a special box. N-927 The tough guy - cat Garfield in all his ridiculous poses. That's how your photo frame is going to be this time. He surrounds a round looking-glass, in which you will find your picture. Looks great!