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N-926 You can make a collage with a beautiful autumn landscape and your silhouette against its background. To say that it looks gorgeous is to say nothing. You must try this photo frame to see it for yourself. N-925 Polaroid has been pushed out of the market by DSLR cameras. This photo frame is your chance to recall the good old times, when you got your pictures ready with one click of a Polaroid camera. N-924 Miss Magpie's Emporium is a British retail business, which offeres children's clothing, as well as all kinds of gifts like toys, handmade bath and body products, nursery items, jewellery and much more. In this photo frame you will find your pics in the showcase of a Miss Magpie's Emporium  shop. N-923 The given photo frame is a charming collage, which consists of a bunch of roses, a white bow and your picture. If you want to express your tender feelings, just upload your photo and send it to your dearest people. N-922 Have you ever been to a Louis Vuitton boutiques? If you haven't, this is not only a good chance to get there, but also to paste your picture into its showcase. The Louis Vuitton's fashion hause is well-known all around the world, so why not to use this photo frame? N-921 The given Photoshop effect will fuse your photo into a lovely sea-scape against the background of the sunset and a flocks of flying birds. This photo frame can also be used as a screensaver or a wallpaper for your computer. N-920 It is going to be another charming photo frame with a luxurious bunch of flowers. The light background underlines the beauty of your picture. Hopefully you won't feel disappointed. N-919 That book must have outlived several centuries because it looks so old. This is one more interesting photo frame for your pictures. Why in plural? Because you can upload two pics at the same time. You can take my word that you will like it. N-918 That's a very sophisticated photo frame with lace, white roses and butterflies. Your picture undergoes no transformation. It is just pasted into a lacy framework and looks really striking against the almost snow white background. N-917 This photo frame could decorate your personal page in Facebook, your blog or your site. Your picture is located in a lovely light blue frame and surrounded by fairy-tale characters. A real delight I must admit. N-916 With scrapbooking you can preserve personal and family history in the form of a special album. It may include photos, clipping from newspapers and even artwork. The given photo frame contains room for four of your pictures and can be designed both colored or black and white. N-915 In this funny photo frame a cute puppy has accidentally stepped  on two of your pictures scattered on the floor with his paws . Hopefully, he is not going to have a pee on them otherwise they will be wet. N-914 This Photoshop effect will transform your photo into a huge banner stretched by the fans at the stadium. It is difficult to say what the supporters are watching. It may be a soccer or a baseball game, but it is quite obvious that they support you. N-913 You will create a lovely photo frame for two photos decorated with flowers and lace with this Photoshop effect. Take into account that the first picture that you upload is going to be big, and the second is smaller. N-912 The given photo frame makes a colorful calendar page for November with your photograph. Autumn is almost over but this calendar page may bring more colors into your life and will help you to keep up with what is happening around.