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N-911 You can paste your photo onto the head page of a reputable newspaper with this Photoshop effect. The newspaper is not so reputable as it should be, or even is not reputable at all but this photo frame looks really funny. N-910 Wow, I am scared! You will also be scared if you try this Halloween photo frame. Well, I will tell you this in strict privacy that there is nothing to be scared of. Your picture will fuse into the bright red background with funny pumpkins in front of it. N-909 This funny photo frame for two pictures is devoted to the Halloween. Most probably children will like this photo frame first of all because here they will also find two comic ghosts, a cute black cat and, certainly, the Halloween pumpkin. N-908 In this photo frame your picture will be transformed into the reflection on the surface of a cup full of strong aromatic coffee with crema. You can't even imagine how it smells and makes your mouth water. Super! N-907 The given Photoshop effect will paste your photo into a big soap bubble against the background of a park during the Indian summer. There is also a pond full of the fallen leaves and an old boat. N-906 Two photo frames in one. The first uploaded photo comes into a heart-shaped frame and the second into a square framework. Everything is designed in a pink color and decorated with flowers, lace and bows. N-905 A photo frame to the Halloween. It can be used as a greetings card for your friends. Funny, exciting and at the same time mysterious, who would ask for more? Try this Photoshop effect to cast a glance at how it looks like. N-904 This Photoshop effect will transform your photo into a screen saver of the iPad produced by the N-903 In this photo frame two of your pictures will serve as the background to a children's carton box with various toys and a ball. The second uploaded photo will turn into your reflection in a round looking-glass. N-902 This time you can make a splendid collage with your photo merged into the ocean bottom against the background of  fish and corals of indescribable beauty. The photo frame also has other representatives of the ocean flora and fauna. N-901 You are going to create one more collage with the N-900 The Smurfs are comic and television creatures. In this photo frame one of the Smurfs is jogging across the keyboard of a laptop. Your picture serves as a wallpaper of its monitor. Looks very funny indeed! N-899 The given photo frame is an example of the glamor in all the colors and brilliance. Upload your pictures and you will see that it is really true. There is nothing to compare with. You must see it with your own eyes. N-898 Commercials and advertising everywhere! This Photoshop effect will transform your pictures into a black and white poster at the bus stop. Why shouldn't you try it to see how it looks like? N-897 The photo frame you can see is designed for pictures taken on special occasions like a wedding party, for example. It is decorated with lace and bows and has a gentle light pink color. N-896 That's another heart-shaped photo frame decorated with flowers, butterflies and a lot more. Be sure your picture will look in it in the most attractive way. It works better with portrait photos.