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N-895 The given photo frame displays an art gallery with four of your photos hanging on the wall. A crowd of visitors are standing in front of them and admires the masterpieces. N-894 The Simpsons is the longest cartoon series in the history of American television ever. In this collage the freaky Simpsons are watching a movie on television and your photo is located on the wall. N-893 This photo frame resembles a real photo album. It is open and there is room four pictures. The first and the last ones will be big and the rest a little bit smaller. But in any case they all look great. N-892 If you want to feel yourself like a notorious criminal, check this funny photo frame. Your picture will turn into a police leaflet placed on the wall somewhere in the saloon of the Wild West - N-891 One more special opportunity to decorate your pictures in the best way. This rectangular photo frame with lace, tiny hearts and flowers will impress you outright. Don't miss a chance to enjoy it. N-890 You will place your picture onto an advertising pillar in a deserted street with this Photoshop effect. It must be a district where the rich live because there are luxury houses and expensive cars all around. N-889 Here comes another lovely photo frame all in pink. There is no doubt that children will like it very much but adults can use it as well because they are also children in their hearts sometimes. N-888 This photo frame is a big logo of the company N-887 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a drawing done in charcoal on a brick wall. Graffiti lovers are not sleeping! It is better to take a portrait photo for this frame otherwise it will look very blurred. N-886 In this photo frame you will paste your picture next to deceased Steve Jobs - the man who has changed the world of computer technologies. He will remain in our hearts forever. May he rest in peace! N-885 In this photo frame a cute nurse in a white gown is holding your photo. Well, she can't probably believe that she has got such an attractive patient. N-884 This creative picture frame with a choice whether to make it colored or black and white will surely please your eyes. It will decorate any photo album and you can share it with your friends. N-883 Indian summer!<br>These are the days when birds come back,<br>A very few, a bird or two,<br>To take a backward look.<br>These are the days when skies put on<br>The old, old sophistries of June, -<br>A blue and gold mistake...<br>Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)<br>Your picture will just merge into the magnificence of the autumn! N-882 Your next photo frame is going to be a poster in the hands of  a girl standing in the crowd. It will be black and white but nevertheless preserves a lot of charm. If you wanna see how it looks like, try it. Many people have already done it. N-881 This Photoshop effect will create a gorgeous calendar page for October with autumn motifs for two photographs. There is a big acorn in the front and bright autumn leaves. It's such a pity that summer is over!