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N-880 Retro style pictures lying on some narrow boards. That's how your photo frame will look like this time. Colorful butterflies all around your picture give the collage an extra flavor. N-879 This photo frame is a collage made of three pictures. They are decorated with a photo film and are available in two options - colored and brown. Well, it is a useful experience to try something new. N-878 Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games is an American TV  broadcast, in which Tinker Bell and the other fairies of Pixie Hollow in Never Land are taking part in an Olympic competition. You will feel great with your photo next to Tinker Bell. N-877 Upload your picture and you will find it in an illuminated billboard at a bus stop at night. The play of the light and shadows will make it especially striking. Be sure, you will like this photo frame. N-876 This photo frame is going to be an applique work for two pictures. There are a lot of small trifles in it - a cut-out crown, a ribbon with a bow and a lot more. You can make your photos either colored or black and white. N-875 The wind is blowing and driving the fallen red and yellow leaves, which twirl and cover your picture. And your photo gradually become almost invisible. There are also a dozen of butterflies around it. N-874 Treat yourself to a luxury bunch of flowers and upload your picture into this photo frame. The collage you will get will remind you of how many beautiful things there are in this world. N-873 It will be one more extraordinary collage containing two of your photos. One of them will merge with the surface of an antique wall and the second looks like a usual photo frame placed on it. N-872 Lovers of the Winx dolls will appreciate this photo frame immensely because your picture will appear next to the fairy Bloom of the Winx Club. A nice toy for little girls, isn't it? N-871 This Photoshop effect will merge your photo into a striking autumn woodland scenery. It's not cold yet but the summer is over and there is anticipation of winter in the air. Catch the moment before it is too late. N-870 A funny cartoon character Diddl has a lot of friends and relatives, including a teddy bear Pimboli and a fire-tailed raven Ackaturbo. Pimboli is taking a bath right now and Ackaturbo has brought an unfolded manuscript where two of your pictures are going to be. N-869 This Photoshop effect will transform your photo into a drawing in colored pencils done by an amateur artist. You are sure to like it because it is going to be something special you cannot be ashamed of. N-868 Here's one more beautiful collage with autumn motifs, where the background is a trolley with fruits and vegetables, and certainly with your photo in it. If you are not too lazy to upload it. N-867 This collage consists of five different photos. The first one is going to make a background and the rest are stretched in line for the whole length of the frame. Check to see whether you like it. N-866 You will make a charming collage with this Photoshop effect. Upload your picture and you will surround it with a wreath made of different exotic flowers. Please your eyes with something extraordinary.