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N-865 There are two options in this photo frame - an ordinary and animated one. Your picture will keep company with some of the Winx girls. They seem to be popular nowadays. N-864 This children's photo frame depicts a boy in the classroom, who is playing tic-tac-toe, but don't follow his example. In school children must be busy with other things than just playing. You'll find your picture on the left hand side against the background of a page from a copy book. N-863 SpongeBob, the main character of the American animated television series N-862 Another photo frame for three pictures with tulips, butterflies and ladybirds against the green background, which can be used as a wallpaper for your computer. N-861 Mrs. World is an international beauty contest for married women. Mrs. Russia Alice Krylova represented her country at the contest in California. She didn't manage to become Mrs. World but it's not important. In this photo frame she is holding your picture in her hand. N-860 In this photo frame you will find your picture on the wall of a building with a sport car in front of it. The driver must be going at the very high speed because his face looks extremely concentrated. N-859 The photo frame you can see below contains a round bull's-eye for your pictures. And the collage, which you will get, is an abstract combination of different things. With the right chosen photo it will look lovely. N-858 You can upload up to nine pictures into this photo frame. So, even if you have a very big family, there is enough room for everybody. You don't need to buy a paper photo album to get all your relatives in one place. N-857 A humorous photo frame with two funny piglets in the forest. They must be having a picnic because everything needed for a nice picnic is here. There are also some other inhabitants of the forest in the frame. N-856 Muammar Gaddafi is holding your photo in his hands. That's how your next picture frame is going to look like. His era is over and he is living no more. That's why it is a unique chance to have your picture with him. N-855 This collage can serve as a wallpaper for your computer. Three large white daisies against the green background with your image will surely make your eyes relax after sitting at your PC for a long time. N-854 Here comes one more stylish collage for three photos. They will be black and white but don't have to think that there is no other colors in this photo frame. Bright red decorations make your pictures look especially striking. N-853 You will double your picture with this Photoshop effect. One of the copies makes the background and the second appears on a package with some gift. There are also several cubes, a lion toy, flowers and a balloon here. Try it to check how it looks like. N-852 This Photoshop effect will help you to create a vintage style collage with your picture transformed into a drawing done with a pen and ink on a crumpled canvas next to a burning candle. N-851 Back to school again! You can make a calendar page for September  with this photo frame and paste your picture into it. So, children, don't upset your parents with bad marks and  misbehaviour