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N-850 Children will like this photo frame immensely. Here you will find a little girl on a swing, ladybugs, birds, flowers and a lot more. Your picture is going to be in the oval frame on the right hand side. The collage is made in the cartoon style. N-849 There is something romantic in this photo frame. It's perfect for the picture of your sweetheart and a rosy background strengthens the impression of his or her presence. Without any doubt you will like this photo frame. N-848 In this photo frame you can turn your picture into a painting in oil being done by a young but talented artist in the picture-gallery. Trust me! It will look splendid and unforgettable. N-847 Enframe your photos with this Photoshop effect and you won't feel pity. It's a kind of the masterpiece because pastel shades of colors of white roses combined with your photo make you sense the atmosphere of a real holiday. N-846 Here's one more wall of fame because a collage you can create with this Photoshop effect contains eight photo frames. Yeah, paste pictures of your friends into them! And don't forget your picture to keep them company. N-845 This collage with your photo trimmed with lace, flowers and beads is very suitable for bright pictures. The surroundings seems to have lost colors, so they can perfectly underline the brightness of your images. N-844 You will turn your photo into black and white this Photoshop effect. Nothing special, you will probably say! There would be nothing special, if it were not located behind the barred window. N-843 It is going to be a little bit freaky collage with two photos. Why freaky, you may ask? Because there are so many different things here - toys, road signs, rust coated locks and chains etc. But it is worth making just for fun. N-842 All the Winx dolls are in one photo frame next to your picture. Stella, Bloom, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha have got together to decorate your photo. Don't let them wait for you and your pictures. N-841 This photo collage is a place, where you can have a get-together with your friends. No wonder because there are seven frames for different photos. So, let's have a party tonight. N-840 Yo, listen up here's a story<br>About a little guy that lives in a blue world<br>And all day and all night and everything he sees<br>Is just blue...<br>Do you remember this hit? But when to put it serious, this photo frame is a collage with your photo against a background of the blue tunnel. N-839 Water world in the best sense with a lot of fish, sea plants and water bubbles. It looks like a scene from some cartoon, so it is more suitable for children. Upload two photos and you will get into this magic world. N-838 Here comes a gorgeous wedding photo frame with doves and wedding rings. If you print it out, you can make invitations to your wedding party with it. Hopefully your friends and relatives will like it very much. N-837 It will be a lovely photo frame for two pictures in form of the opened photo album decorated with a lot of funny little trifles. It looks really marvellous and can adorn any photo album. N-836 This Photoshop effect will transform your picture into a pencil drawing online for free. Then you can post it everywhere you want - in your blog, on your site or just save it in photo album. N-835 You cannot but admire a rally car going at the highest speed. This Photoshop frame creates a background for such a car with your picture. For lovers of the motor races pleasure is guaranteed. Just take a look at that.