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N-819 In this photo frame you will find yourself in the company of two pirates. Your picture will be placed on a piece of unfolded old paper. There must be a map with instructions where to look for treasures. N-818 It's a funny photo frame for three small pictures and girls, who are doing their household chores. They must already have done the washing because your pictures are hanging on a drying line. N-817 Children have played on the beach and left their toys. Maybe they wanted to build a sand castle but their mommy called them to have dinner. That's how your photo collage looks like this time. N-816 Do you want to recall your last vocation somewhere in Spain or Italy? Then you have to try this romantic photo frame. It will transform your  picture into slight haze hanging over a beach and a sun cover umbrella made of straw with two beach chairs. N-815 You may create a charming collage, in which your photo is represented in form of a mirage against the background of a blue sea merging with the sky. It can also be used as a wallpaper for your computer. N-814 A funny photo frame, in which your picture is hanging in the shop window and  fascinated  passers-by are staring at it. The shop window mustn't be the worst place, where you could expect to see your photo. N-813 This collage combines four photographic frames against the white background with tiny hearts. It looks really cool and you will be able to gather your best friends in one place. Try it and you'll see that it is true. N-812 In this photo frame your picture will be turned into a woodcarving on a wooden board. It's better to take portrait images for this Photoshop effect, otherwise you will hardly detect your picture. N-811 This photo frame for two pictures of yours and sunflowers will give you a flavor of the country-side life. There is also a funny wooden fence here, so you and your pictures will feel quite safe. N-810 This heart-shaped collage might be created for your beloved on a special occasion. Everything looks so lyrical that you will rush to her and shout N-809 Here's a chance to make labels for children's champagne with this photo frame. There is everything you need. The front label (your photo will be there), the back label and even the upper label. There are also two boxes for a text so that you can write anything you want. N-808 Here's one more interesting photo frame for two pictures. You will create a collage on the sea adventure theme. There is a empty pirate's trunk and a fishing net in it. You will find your photos hanging on the net. There is also an option whether to make them colored or black and white. N-807 A funny puppy and a funny kitten are the best friends. They never go for a walk without each other. In this photo frame they are watching and admiring your picture having put their paws on it. N-806 You will create a charming collage with three photos of different sizes by applying this Photoshop effect. Just imagine what you cannot imagine because you don't know which way the wind is blowing before you try it. N-805 This heart-shaped photo frame is surely made for little girls because they will find their picture surrounded by fairy godmothers. Your daughters won't be disappointed in any case. N-804 That's one more photo frame with three pictures and an option to choose what they are going to be - colored or black and white. It looks so as if they were scattered on a bed with dark pink bed sheets.