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N-788 A fascinating children's collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. There is a bee holding a frame with your picture and clouds over it. This a cartoon-like frame, so your kids will like it. N-787 It's not just a simple photo effect. You can create a label for your own champagne. Make it and print. And then you can glue it onto a bottle of champagne. Your friend are sure to like it. Or double up with laughter. You never know before you try. N-786 It will be a transformation of your picture so that the attention is paid to its center. The rest is left out of the frame and turns to black and white. With some photos it works very impressive. N-785 By applying  this Photoshop effect you can create a nice collage with four pictures in it. These can be of your close friends, relatives or anybody else you'd like to see every day. You won't be disappointed in any way! N-784 This time your photo frame is going to be a picturesque landscape with a river. The fishing-tackle is ready and it is high time to start fishing. A dream of every angler! So, go and get your fish. N-783 Every time you call my name<br>I heat up like a burning flame<br>Burning flame full of desire<br>Kiss me baby, let the fire<br>Get higher...<br>Create an effect of burning flame with this photo frame! N-782 In this photo frame you transform your picture into a tattoo on the hip of a girl lying in the sun on the beach. She can't probably forget you that's why she has a tattoo with your image done and exposes it to the others. N-781 With this Photoshop effect you can a make a collage with three pictures of yours. You may combine your portrait photo with photos of some landscapes and experience a brilliant feeling. It takes only a few seconds. N-780 This Photoshop effect will help you to create a splendid collage all in red. Your photo will melt in the tender rose-petals with the morning dew. The collage looks really striking. Try it if you don't believe. N-779 This photo frame needs two pictures. The first one will be doubled - once as a photo on the wall and as a smeared image an the pink wallpaper. The second photo will be placed in a small modest frame. N-778 In this photo frame you will find your photo on a ten dollar bill against the background of an hour-glass. There are also a good deal of other banknotes scattered all around. It's going to be black and white. N-777 It's a beautiful photo frame for little girls with three pictures. There seems to have got together princesses from all the corners of the world. You can decorate any photo album with it. N-776 This Photoshop effect allows you to create a children's picture frame with Panda practicing some Kung Fu. Your dear kids are sure to like it because the collage looks really cool. Tell them to try it. N-775 This photo collage consists of a heart-shaped frame made of tiny hearts, flowers and sparkling beads. It's a real boon for pictures of your dearest people. Everything looks just perfect and please your eyes. N-774 In this photo frame you will get the effect of a worn-out old book with two of your images lying beside a candlestick with a  lit candle, a compass and a pile of books. The retro look is guaranted.