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N-773 Here's a collage made of seven different photos in form of the Polaroid shots both black and white and colored scattered on the table. So, you can gather up to seven pictures of your friends in one photo frame. N-772 If you want to make people believe that you are a university graduate, try this photo frame. There are some clever books, an owl, a feather pen and a globe here. And you will look like a professor. N-771 N-770 Welcome to the Pirate Party! Such invitation cards can be created with this Photoshop effect. You can also write up to five short word combinations in the special boxes and paste an appropriate picture. Why should you buy invitations, when you can make them yourself? N-769 Robin Hood is a heroic rebel of English folklore. He was a skilled archer as well as a good swordsman. Known for his life motto N-768 Here's a heart-shaped photo frame with blue flowers and a white teddy bear. All you have to do is to choose the right picture and you will get a lovely collage to adorn your photo album. N-767 You can create your own original invitation cards with this Photoshop effect. Girls are sure to like them. Besides that there are five boxes for some text. After you have made your cards, you can print and send them to your friends. N-766 A fascinating collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. There is a colorful butterfly on a flower. It can also be used as a wallpaper for your PC or you may just decorate your pictures with some charming surroundings. N-765 One more photo frame, which can be a wallpaper for your computer. The red sunset against the background of your photo and the sun setting. Cool-looking stuff! N-764 The American actress Julia Roberts has become a star after the romantic comedy N-763 A rubber doll with your picture, most probably in a sex-shop. That's how your new photo frame will look like. It is holding your picture in its hand as if invitingly hints to drop in. N-762 This photo frame is an illuminated billboard in front of some theater at night. So, if you are a theater-lover, this Photoshop effect is for you. Ocean of lights and the anticipation of a good play by Shakespeare, for example. N-761 This unusual stylish collage consists of three photos. You can paste pictures of your friends or family members. But it works better with images of your sweetheart because there is an inscription N-760 This photo frame requires two pictures and you will make a lovely calendar for June with them. If you have to follow the calendar, it can also serve as a wallpaper for your computer or laptop. N-759 It is going to be a stylish Polaroid collage with your picture against a blurry background of the same picture. There is aldo a box for an inscription so that you can write a couple of words to it.