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N-758 Click the mouse a few times and you will turn your pictures into a pencil drawing done by a street artist. Looks better than you can imagine and is completely free. N-757 With this Photoshop effect you will transform your pictures into a greetings card with your photo against the background of a large bunch of red roses. You will see that everything is done daintily and cute. N-756 A children's picture frame with animals. Children always have fun with framing their photos online. It is a kind of a computer game for them. We have a large collection of children's frames for pictures. Just browse this site to find the others. N-755 This Photoshop effect turns your pictures into an oil painting in some museum. So, hundreds of visitors a day have a chance to take a look at you. Though not everybody is interested in arts. There is a couple of young people, who are more interested in themselves. N-754 This Photoshop effect will help you to create a romantic photo frame in form of a big red heart against the background of water bubbles. It is perfect for Valentine's Day, as well as on many other occasions. N-753 Here's one more creative photo effect in form of a film frame. You can also choose whether your picture is going to be black and white or colored. It works better with the portrait-like images. N-752 In this photo frame you can place your pictures on the big billboard. It seems to be nothing special about it if there were not a pretty girl there, who wants to be photographed against its background. N-751 Get the taste of being the hit of the day! This photo frame will help you to create a realistic collage in form of a shot from the movie N-750 In this funny photo frame Barack Obama opens a door in the White House and discovers with surprise that there is an elephant in his study. Well, who let the elephant into the White House is a mystery. Your picture is on the wall in the corridor. N-749 It must be one of the first car accidents depicted in this old photo with some idlers, who gathered near the broken car. That's how you photo frame looks like this time. You'll find your picture in the window of a shop just opposite the spot. N-748 You can make a nice collage with this photo frame. There are characters from an old Russian cartoon N-747 In this photo frame you will find your photo in form of a projector display at some conference devoted to innovative technologies. Let's hope that these people don't gossip about you at their conference. N-746 It is a children's school frame with a cute donkey, a globe and a book. Your kids can adorn with it their class mates pictures. Adults are wanted too, especially if they would like to come back to school. N-745 This photo frame is a large advertising canvas with your image on the building with the adjacent tree, which stands a little bit in the way and covers a part of it. Check to see how it looks like. N-744 When you upload your picture in this photo frame, you'll get a drawing in pencil on the sail of a toy boat in the park pond. Looks extraordinary and charming. Hopefully you will catch a fair wind. N-743 You could do airbrush with your own hands on the hood of a Ferrari. That's the transformation you may apply to your pictures. It is also going to be black and white. But may be this is the case when colors don't matter.