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N-742 This Photoshop effect will help you to create a lovely collage with a dandelion. It's very fresh and there is a smell of spring in the air. You can decorate any photo album with it. It can also be used as a wallpaper for your computer. N-741 This time your photo frame is going to be a large canvas on the building. The so called monumentalism. In this frame your picture will turn into black and white, although it doesn't look too bad. N-740 You are the most active baseball supporter in this photo frame. At least it's written so on a huge board overhanging the baseball playground. The true lovers of this game will appreciate it immensely. N-739 Here's one more children's photo frame for their pictures. A caetoon-like character and the surroundings will for sure make children happy and help them to decorate their photos in the best way. N-738 In this photo frame there are two posters, one of Bin Laden's and the second can be yours, if you wish. The funniest thing is that your poster attracts more attention than the poster of the notorious terrorist. N-737 Your picture is going to be a sticker on the bottle of nail polish. But not just an ordinary one. It is a product of Sephora, a famous cosmetics brand, which has over 750 stores in seventeen countries. N-736 In this photo frame your picture will look like a reflection in the mirror. A nicely composed still life all in pink. There are also flowers, a notebook and a pen but your picture stays in the highlight. N-735 With this Photoshop effect you will paste your photo a into a huge billboard on the sea coast. Only the sea and you and nobody around. What can be better? N-734 In this mini photo frame you will find you picture among eye-shadows, mascara and other women's cosmetics. The bright red background will emphasize your pictures to the full extent. N-733 This authentic photo frame depicts Osama bin Laden with your picture in his hand. Maybe the company of the man, who was on the FBI lists of the ten most wanted terrorists of the world, is not the best frame for your pictures, but you can try it to see how it looks like. N-732 In the childhood everybody has a favorite toy. Most often it is a teddy bear, which we consider not only as a toy but as a real friend. This photo frame is your chance to recall those wonderful days. N-731 If you want to create a wallpaper in the country style with your picture, apply  this Photoshop effect. You are sure to like it. The wallpaper you will create comprises the simple way of the country-side life. N-730 This photo frame is full of flowers and greenery. And has quite a sophisticated look. As the English say, the man is the style and the style is the man. Perfect for greetings on some special occasion. N-729 Sometimes you feel like choosing the most unusual places for your pictures. So, why shouldn't you try the screen of a TV-set in the kitchen of a private yacht. Most likely you will enjoy what you will get. N-728 You will turn your pictures into black and white grown yellow and aged with the time. There's nothing to do about that. Everybody and everything is getting old.