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N-727 Here's one more photo frame with the showcase of a fashion boutique. This time it is going to be a Louis Vuitton's. He founded his brand in 1854. Everybody knows his LV monogram. So, you won't be ashamed to represent this famous fashion house. N-726 In this photo frame your picture will be placed on an old fashioned table against the background of a vase with white flowers. The most important thing is that your photo looks like a real one but of the smaller size. N-725 There is a lion cub and a tiger cub in this photo frame. The very thing for children. A bright collage to enjoy and to have fun. Hopfully your children will be glad. N-724 How to choose the right perfume? Without problems! Get the one where your photo is. At least you can do it online with this photo frame. Upload you picture and take a look at how popular your perfume can be. N-723 The very first boutique of Versace was opened in 1978 in Milan and won popularity immediately. Now Versace is one of the world's leading houses of international fashion. With this Photoshop effect you will paste your picture into the showcase of his boutique. N-722 Nowadays almost nobody writes letters on paper but you have received one. And there is a drawing in pencil added, which is going to be your photo frame this time. Upload your pictures and enjoy. N-721 One more photo frame to Easter with the Easter Bunny, who has probably brought a basket filled with colored eggs and candy for children. And certainly good luck to your home. Take a look to see how cute the frame is. N-720 You can make a funny collage with your pictures on the Easter eggs. So, you can decorate your Easter eggs with your best pictures. Looks lovely and  extraordinary! Maybe you will have the best Easter eggs in the neighborhood. N-719 Are you sick and tired of that damned advertising? Everybody is. But advertising on the trucks is a lot of fun. Upload your picture and you will find it there. After all let's keep in mind that trucks deliver everything we need every day. N-718 Your photo on the display of your iPod might be created with this Photoshop effect. Quite a usual thing in the real life. But what about pasting some extraordinary picture? Why shouldn't you try a new design? N-717 With this Photoshop effect you can place your pictures on the side wind shield of a very cool race motorcycle. If you like motorcycle races, you are sure to like such a photo frame. N-716 Here's one more photo frame you might pay attention to. There's nothing special in it. You can just paste your pictures on the display of your car stereo. When you choose the right picture for it, it will look more attractive. N-715 A charming photo frame highlighting floral motifs. Nice for dear family photos because the members of your family are like flowers that make your life better in spite of some small quarrels that sometimes happen. N-714 In this photo frame you will find your picture on the upper card of the unrolled pack of  playing cards. Guess what you are going to be! An ace, a king or a queen. Everybody wants to be an ace, of course. N-713 Not a single day without a new tattoo! This Photoshop effect will transform your photo into a tattoo on the forearm of Britney Spears. It is hard to say if it is a decent place. Some people like her, the others don't.