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N-622 Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so will be you, when you apply this Photoshop frame. It must be gorgeous finding oneself in the ocean of flowers. At least it is worth trying. N-621 In this lovely Photoshop frame you will find yourself surrounded by all kinds of cartoon fairy tale characters. Never in your sweetest dreams you could have imagined yourself in such a company. Sometimes dreams really come true! N-620 A very interesting Photoshop frame. You can turn your photo into a black-and-white picture done in pencil. Looks creative indeed, especially if you're a creative person. N-619 With this Photoshop effect you can create a festive postcard with a bunch of tender roses. And the white background only underlines the brightness of colours in your pictures. Try and see what you will get! N-618 Paste your picture into this frame and you'll keep company with a sleeping cat and a teddy bear. Not a bad society after all, isn't it? Your picture is going to be black-and-white, but it doesn't matter because your friends are of the same colour. N-617 These funny cartoon characters will bring you joy and happiness because they are driving a stamp with your image in their sleigh. Looks extraordinary and unusual. All you have to do is just to try this Photoshop effect. N-616 Capture the best moments of your life, decorate them with unusual frames we offer and selectively share them with your friends and family members. This Photoshop frame really deserves your best photos. N-615 Drawing on the car is certainly a dream of many people, but unfortunately its cost still remains very high and is not available to a wide range of car-drivers. But with Photoshop effect you can place your picture onto the very hood of your car. N-614 It is a landscape of the forest in winter covered with snow, against which your photo will look particularly impressively. If you haven't been in the the forest this winter, it is a unique opportunity to see how it would look like. N-613 Another charming postcard with winter motifs. If your dear one gets such a card, he will undoubtedly be amazed. So, don't hesitate and make him a collage with this Photoshop frame. He will love it! N-612 Advertising at bus stops is in high demand among advertisers. There is a maximum coverage of the major areas of public transport and of course the direct visual contact with a potential audience of the advertised product at the stops. If you want to have yourself advertised, as a movie star, for example, use this Photoshop effect. N-611 You can decorate a lovely calendar in rosy with any pictures of yours. The collage you'll get looks brilliant, marvelous and charming. You are sure not to regret it. You can even print it and hang it onto the wall. N-610 If you want to see your picture on the display of your PC, you don't have to download it. With this Photoshop effect you can place it on any computer you like. And if people don't care, why should you care either? N-609 Oh! That is something unusual! I wouldn't like to meet such s bunny. But who knows? As people say, tastes differ! Maybe, somebody would fall in love with him. Or even get married. N-608 One more Christmas collage that bring you the spirit of holiday into your home. There is no doubt - the longer you look at it, the more you like it. And you will like the fairy-tale characters in the picture most of all.