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N-607 It is better to take a portrait photo for this collage because you will get a your full-size pictures of yours looking through the frosty window at some funny birds outside. Certainly, the  Christmas motif can also be seen here that make the collage more attractive. N-606 Paste your picture into this Photoshop frame and you will understand that there is time to remember and there is time to forget. On the Christmas eve there are really a lot of things that should be forgotten. N-605 There is nothing better than sitting near the New Year tree. The lights are winking and the aura of holiday is hanging in the air. You can also create it by applying this Photoshop effect with your pictures. N-604 Here's one more Photoshop frame, which turns your picture into a decoration upon the New Year tree toy... <br>At Christmas play and make good cheer, <br>For Christmas comes but once a year! N-603 Have you been a nice girl or boy the previous year? You certainly have. So here is a list of gifts for you from Santa. That is what can be done with this Photoshop effect. But if you still remain the same, the list is going to be bigger. N-602 Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells<br>Jingle all the way...<br>With this Photoshop frame you can paste your picture into a gorgeous Christmas postcard. N-601 What could be better than Christmas in the family circle? This Photoshop effect lets you paste your picture into a photo on the holiday covered table, so that your Mum and Dad admire you, when you are away from home. N-600 Always remember that the true spirit of Christmas is in your heart. Here's one more  gorgeous Photoshop frame for Christmas and the New Year. Let it be happy, healthy and peaceful! Let all your dreams come true! N-599 Playing basketball is a lot of fun. It's one of the most popular and widely spread game in the world. Everything is very simple: two teams, five players in every team trying to score points by shooting a ball through the hoops... This Photoshop effect will paste your ad poster onto the wall of the gym during the play of some college teams. N-598 Real friends are difficult to find, almost impossible to leave, and hardly possible to forget.  With this thought you can create a charming Photoshop collage with your good friends' photos and wish them Merry Christmas, the happiest holiday, you might think of.  N-597 At the first sight there's nothing extraordinary in with this Photoshop effect. But nevertheless, when you take a closer look, you'll find modesty and taste, it's done with. Try it to see if it's really so. N-596 Nude girls, hot cuties, naked women and sexy pictures with half undressed girls - this is N-595 It is going to be an ordinary picture in the old fashioned album with this Photoshop effect. The picture that has turned yellow. And so has the page of the album. Elderly people sometimes look through their photo albums. So why shouldn't you try? N-594 Here's one more Photoshop collage with Christmas motives. There's a Santa Claus's cap in it and many other things. It's better to take an image in red because Christmas is usually associated with a red colour. N-593 This Photoshop collage has two versions as well: an animated one with falling snowflakes and an ordinary photo album page. Both of them have room for three pictures. So, you have to choose, which you like best. N-592 You might create a lovely photo album page with three pictures by applying this Photoshop effect. Please, keep in mind that the first picture you choose will be on the left hand side and the last - on the right side. Maybe it'll help you to pick the suitable images.