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N-591 This Photoshop collage consists of a sexy housewife, being busy with her household responsibilities. To be exact, she is cleaning a wooden frame where your picture is going to be after applying this Photoshop effect. N-590 This Photoshop effect also has two possibilities. You can create two frames - with live colourful sparkles and the same frame without them. As you know, tastes differ. And after all, you can try both of them. N-589 Once upon a time there lived a young faire princess. And her friend was you. Were you boy or a girl? It depends upon who you actually are. We still remember faire-tales. And this Photoshop effect gives you a chance to make friends with the young faire princess. N-588 This Photoshop effect looks like impressionists' paintings - a 19th-century art movement. Characteristics of impressionist paintings' include yet visible brush strokes, relatively small and thin compositions, full of light in changing. That's how the surrounding are going to be. But your picture will stay practically intact. N-587 There are two possibilities in this Photoshop effect: with live sparkles and without them. It's up to you, which to choose. The matter in question is what you like more. But in any case it comes to the winter holidays again and you can paste your picture into a wooden frame under the New Year tree. N-586 Your picture in the frozen window on the eve of Christmas or the New Year. It must be a nice collage before the winter holidays. Morover if it is decorated with Christmas balls. This Photoshop frame will help you to create such a little New Year wonder. N-585 Beauty and speed have long been the most important factors in car design. But in the recent years most exclusive automobiles include many practical considerations. Among them are alternative fuels and smart ideas of safety. You can paste your images in front of such cars with this Photoshop frame. N-584 There are magic days, when fresh snow bursts through the sun and the surrounding white brings silence. The flakes touch your face lightly. Winter has come. And among this beauty you'll find your picture. N-583 Paris! Paris! At the end of the nineteenth century. One more collage on the subject of  Paris. This time the Eiffel Tower, or so called N-582 This Photoshop effect will paste your picture into the screen on the back of a super moden aircraft. Everyone is watching his movie but you are taking a look at your picture on the screen of the front seat. Looks really great! N-581 You can create a collage in retro style with this Photoshop effect. Everything looks very modest in it: a note book with a metal fastener and a pencil, and certainly, a bunch of flowers with your picture in a wooden frame. N-580 Imagine a room furnished in the Victorian style. Home decor veered into the elaborately draped and decorated. And your picture on the wall. That's another Photoshop frame for your images this time. N-579 A luxury hotel, dead cool cars, national flags of many countries! And a billboard with your picture in front of the hotel. Would you like to experience anything like that? If you are too modest, at least you can take a look how it might have looked like with this Photoshop effect. N-578 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a lovely embroidery in the cute red frame. It works best with portrait photos because it will become much smaller than you might expect. Try it otherwise how you can check on whether it is really nice. N-577 The Rubik's Cube is also called the