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N-576 You might create a poster with your picture done in pencil and stapled on a tree with this Photoshop effect. But the funniest thing is the message written on it. Would you like to read it? Then apply this effect. N-575 This Photoshop effect makes a frame inside your picture changing its colours. They become brighter and the picture in the frame gains more sharpness. You can try it just for fun to see how it looks like. N-574 The sunflower is one of the plants native to the America's. It possesses a large flowering head and is usually associated with the sun. This Photoshop effect will help you to paste your pictures right in the middle of its head. N-573 You will transform your photo into a pencil drawing on a piece of paper with this Photoshop effect. It is recommended to take portrait-like images for it so that you could see the slightest details. N-572 This Photoshop effect will paste your picture into a blue glass sphere, which is held by a small girl. And the light blue background with a greenish shade accomplishes the collage you have created. N-571 You can make a nice photo album page in retro style with three pictures by applying this Photoshop effect. Retro style is currently undergoing a revival with many new products coming out with a retro look. So, it's going to be quite up-to-date. N-570 Well-known bodybuilders include Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor, a model, a businessman and the 38th Governor of California. This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a tatoo on the body of  some bodybuilder and paste it into a portrait on the chain on his neck. N-569 This Photoshop effect lets you paste your picture into a rosebud. There's no use describing how it looks like. Better to see with your own eyes because the proof of the pudding is in the eating. N-568 Here's another wonderful Photoshop frame for a PC wallpaper. This time it deals with Africa and African motives. Besides there's one more advantage. You can paste two pictures into it. N-567 It's rather a Photoshop frame for children and their favorite pictures. There are a lot of animated cartoons characters who they would surely like. Or even for adults who are not indifferent to the cartoons either. N-566 You will need two pictures for this frame. And this Photoshop effect will turn your pictures into a lovely collage with the light green background in form of the curtains. Also perfect as a wallpaper for your PC. N-565 This Photoshop effect will double your photo. The first photo is a usual one which is being copied by a pavement artist in crayons. It looks marvellous because the second picture is a real piece of art. N-564 Boxing rings are the space in which a boxing match occurs. Maybe that's the most unusual place where you'd hope to see your picture in the hands of a sexy brunette. This Photoshop effect makes it possible. N-563 That's a real hit for fun. Imagine a black and white photo in a vintage style with a monkey standing and smoking a cigarette. So, where is your picture going to be in this Photoshop frame? Apply this Photoshop effect and you will see. N-562 Here's one more chance for you to take an imaginative effort. You can create a charming wallpaper with this Photoshop frame. It's difficult to say whether it is twilight or dawn, but you'll find your picture pasted into the countryside landscape with a river and a mill in the background.