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N-561 It looks so natural that you will start wondering if it is a real billboard with your picture or just a fake done with this Photoshop effect. Sure enough that your friends will do as well.  Even though  they take a closer look. N-560 Surround your pictures and pictures of your family members, friends, etc. with colourful memories and fun by applying this Photoshop effect. No photo is complete without a proper frame. There are a lot of cartoon characters in this one, which will bring you a good time. N-559 You'll find two pictures of yours with this Photoshop effect. The first is going to be your real picture in a textbook. And the second one is a sketch copied in chalk on the blackboard by a teacher of drawing. In the end you'll get a very lovely collage. N-558 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a tatoo on the back of a weight-lifter. It's better to take portrait photos otherwise you'll won't see this image clearly enough on the tense muscles of the sportsman. N-557 Here's another Photoshop frame for two pictures. There are a lot of red and white flowers, which form the frame itself. And the leaves of ferns give the whole collage an extra beauty. Ideal to give a lover as a present. N-556 It's a very charming Photoshop frame with your genuine photo and many cartoon characters picnicking in the forest. It works better with your children's pictures because they like watching animated cartoons and will be glad to see their photos among their favorite cartoon characters. N-555 If you want to paste your picture into a frame with a supermodern car, you've chosen the right Photoshop effect. Especially when it is the matter of the designed cars, so you won't be ashamed to see your image near it. N-554 You can create a very lovely wallpaper for your computer desktop with this Photoshop frame all in autumn motives. The play of red, yellow and greenish colours makes up the gorgeousness of autumn we love it for. N-553 This Photoshop effect will turn your photo into a simple black and white picture hanging on the wall. Nothing special at the first sight but, as you know, modesty is the best quality. You are sure to like it, especially the way it looks like. N-552 It's difficult to say which animals these are but the only thing is clear they belong to very cute gnawing animals. And in this Photoshop frame your pictures are pasted onto the cups they are drinking something tasty from. Looks really extraordinary. N-551 Bangkok or the Philippines, oriental setting, and the city doesn't know that the city is getting the creme de la creme... A very unusual Photoshop frame and a very unusual place for your pictures. One town's very much like another in the Orient. N-550 You'll find your picture in the surroundings of many funny cartoon characters in this Photoshop frame. Fun for children and adults, and certainly a perfect frame for your images. That's what it is. N-549 If you want to see a half-nude cutie covering her best parts with your picture, you have to apply this Photoshop effect. There isn't much nudity but the girl is really pretty. So, even teenagers can use this frame for their funny collages. N-548 Would you like to compare yourself with a famous model on the cover of a fashion magazine? It's possible with this Photoshop effect. Paste your picture into the frame and you will see how it looks like. N-547 This Photoshop frame simply doubles your picture through the lens focus of a digital camera. There's nothing special in this frame at the first sight, but when you take a closer look, you will surely appreciate it.