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N-546 Here's one more Photoshop frame with Halloween motives and all the things connected with this holiday, including costumes, pumpkins, etc. It must be a shop which sells the stuff like that. And you can post your picture here with this Photoshop effect. N-545 This Photoshop effect will paste your picture into a lovely round frame decorated from all sides. There's no sense to describe it, you can see it with your own eyes. Works best with the portrait images. N-544 Billboards are designed to catch people's attention and create a memorable impression very fast, leaving them thinking about the ad after they have gone past it. In our case they will think about it with a smile because this Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a billboard you could hardly imagine. N-543 Halloween is a holiday, which commonly includes trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks and telling scary stories. So, don't be afraid if you find something scary in this Photoshop frame. N-542 Once upon a time there lived a dog who could read. And his favorite book was N-541 An outdoor portrait photo is a lot of fun. In this Photoshop frame you'll really feel yourself outdoors in the company of a cartoon hippopotamus with balloons of all colours and a good deal of greenery around. N-540 Your morning cup of coffee at last! You'll be surprised to get to know that this Photoshop effect could paste your favorite picture into its steaming vapour. Just try it to see how such a collage looks like. N-539 You've got another lovely page for your photo album with this Photoshop frame. There's room for three pictures on it with a charming entourage of flowers. You are sure to print it and hang on the wall in your office. N-538 You'll have to choose four pictures for this Photoshop collage. Keep in mind that your first image will be the most visible one. What will you get in the end? Frankly speaking, it won't be interesting if you know it in advance. N-537 It's one of the world's oldest holidays. When you hear the words N-536 There's one more picturesque background for your wallpaper. Especially for those, who like autumn. It's difficult to describe all its colours, it's better to see once. And your picture will be there too, fading into the autumn landscape. N-535 You can create a romantic desktop wallpaper with a black restive horse and your picture slightly faded by applying this Photoshop effect. There's practically no colourful background but only foggy shades. N-534 This Photoshop frame consists of a lovely box of chocolates decorated with beads and a marvelous bunch of red roses. And the picture you paste into you'll find on the cover of the box. Perfect to the Saint Valentine's Day. N-533 This Photoshop collage presents many cartoon characters of animals from all over the world and your picture in it. It looks really cute because all of them are funny and happy and will make a nice frame for the photo of your kids. N-532 You'll need five pictures for this perspective Photoshop collage, which forms a kind of an empty room. The first image is the most important because it's going to be the back wall and thus best seen. The others are up to your choice.They'll become the floor, the ceiling and two side walls which are for that reason being distorted. N-531 When the night falls upon the city in the evening, the street lights come on here and there. But the brightest ones are those of billboards. Applying this Photoshop effect you can paste your picture into a bright lighted billboard, which really overshines everything around.