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Your photos - this is the top priority for picjoke. No more need to study photoshop during weeks and months, to explore color correction, textures, gradients. You don't know the difference between vector and raster graphics? It doesn't matter at all. Do you like creative work? We are at your service. No need to download anything - all funny photo effects are online.You may do photo collages with the photos of yourself, your friends, children, parents, classmates, even your boss. All of them will be glad for your attention to them. And everybody will smile. A smile improves health, strengthens immunity and improves performance.As your funny picture is ready just lean back and enjoy ... and then share your masterpiece with your friends - send the link by mail or through social networks. I promise you - they will be glad. You may even publish your work in your blog. Your readers will leave tons of comments to that post. Pay attention that all this is free and without registrationWe are working for you EVERY day. And it's not a joke. From the very beginning we have never missed one day. Weekdays and week-ends, summer and winter alike. When you are happy or sad - we are delivering one cool photo effect every day, unlike most of similar sites.
N-530 When you apply this Photoshop effect, you'll get a charming frame made of roses with your picture in it. It works better with portrait photography but if you want to perform some experiments, just for fun for example, you can take any picture you choose. N-529 This Photoshop frame might also be used as a wallpaper for your computer. A lovely autumn landscape with two pictures of yours gives an impression of the passing summer. And delicate shades of the sunset fill your collage up with supernatural colours. N-528 One more Photoshop effect, which can transform your image into a pencil drawing. You might take any picture you like, but nevertheless it would have a splendid view: vivid, full of life and brilliant. N-527 There must be some serious reason for that the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev would show you picture to the public. Such a collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. What you have to do is to paste your picture into the frame. N-526 This Photoshop effect consists of a birch wooden frame where your picture is going to be. Russian motives with cartoon characters give the collage an extra zest. Your kids will be surely fond of it. N-525 You might create an old-fashined collage with this Photoshop effect. First of all you'll have to choose four pictures for this frame. And then you'll see them hanging on the washing line. That's the way how our ancestors used to dry photos. N-524 Uploading this Photoshop frame you'll get your image in the eyes of a very cute kitty. Besides your photo will be doubled - one and the same picture in each eye. It's better to take portrait pictures for this effect because the cat's eyes can't be as big as that. N-523 If you paste your picture into this Photoshop frame, you will create a collage with your image inside a tender white rose coverad with drops of dew. You won't believe how charming it looks like until you try. N-522 If you apply this Photoshop effect, you'll find your picture on a billboard in some cosy place. Certainly, everybody is sick and tired of the billboards, but who knows, maybe you will like this one. N-521 This time the Photoshop frame for your picture is made in the form of a heart surrounded by funny cartoon characters. It is perfect for the Saint Valentine's Day, which is traditionally celebrated as a day when lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards. N-520 There's one more celebrity with your picture in her hand. This time it's Paris Hilton. Nobody knows why she's holding your photo but you can try this funny Photoshop effect just to see how it looks like. N-519 You can create a vintage collage with this Photoshop effect. A faded picture in the faded frame. The colours of the photograph have faded from being old. And there's something like a map on the table. Maybe it's your way to the treasure island. N-518 This Photoshop frame is made in the form of a wreath entwined with bright autumn leaves. You won't believe but when you upload your picture in it, you'll get a breathtaking view. There's no use to describe it. You'd better take a look yourself. N-517 It will be a collage with five different pictures with this Photoshop effect. Actually you can take only one but in this case all empty places will be filled with one and the same photo. What will you get in the end? Try it and you will see. N-516 Autumn weather is in full swing. The changing colours and fallen leaves are a beautiful frame for your images which can be decorated with this Photoshop effect. Looks really great, doesn't it.

Free games for girls online – are various photoframes online for free, flowers and glitters. Games for ladies – are photos with hearts, romantic photo collages and magazine covers. Best games for boys is to insert ones own photo to photoframe with supercar, bike or a hot girl.