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N-515 N-514 That's going to be one more lovely Photoshop effect for your portrait photos. Or rather for the photos of your kids because there's a nice-looking wooden frame formed by two cartoon trees and some funny cartoon characters. N-513 This black and white Photoshop effect will publish your picture on the last page of N-512 After passing through the reception area and walking past the other vehicles, you'll bump into the coolest car you have ever seen with your picture above it. This Photoshop frame makes it possible. Try it to see how it looks like. N-511 This funny Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a police composite sketch which is placed on the lamppost. More of that you can even write something under your image. But you don't have to worry. The crime you are being looked for is rather humorous and a little bit offensive than cruel. N-510 Here's one more photo collage with three pictures you can make with this Photoshop effect . This time they'll hang on the wall a little bit twisted. And to crown it all there's also an unexpected character here - a black cartoon cat walking proudly in front of your pictures. N-509 She made up her mind that she would be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. But her airplane crashed. Her name was Ruth Elder and luckily she was rescued. If you want to see an article about her rescue with your picture instead in old newspaper files, try this Photoshop frame. N-508 This Photoshop effect will make you keep company to an oriental princess. The only difference is that your picture will be real but the princess and the rest of background will be cartoon-like. Perfect for children who still believe in fairy-tales. N-507 Look who's standing there! It must be a famous actress Jennifer Aniston. And she's standing near your picture, which can be turned into an oil painting with this Photoshop effect. A little bit funny, isn't it. N-506 This collage with three pictures in it may decorate any photo album. All you have to do is to download your images into the empty places. This Photoshop frame works best with portrait-like photos. If you try, you'll understand why. N-505 The sea is calm tonight. The tide is full, the moon lies fair. Upon the water and the light. Gleams and soon will disappear... You can create a lovely collage with dolphins pasting your picture into this Photoshop frame, which might also serve as a desktop wallpaper for your PC. N-504 N-503 You will need three photos to create a lovely collage with autumn motives by applying this Photoshop effect. Your pictures will be mixed with several snap-shots of the autumn scenery. Looks very charming indeed. N-502 This Photoshop effect will turn your image into a drawing being done in pencil by some artist. It's very important to choose a picture where you are taken as far as possible to the left, otherwise you won't see yourself in the chosen photo. Only in the sketch of the artist. N-501 There's nothing special about this Photoshop frame but your picture in it will look very attractive. Just imagine a yellow background with a shiny and cheerful sunflower and a wooden frame with your image in the foreground.