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N-500 Your picture is quite normal. There are practically no changes in it. But there are oodles of plasticine characters all around you and it makes the collage look very funny. Try this Photoshop effect to see if it is really so. N-499 N-498 This is an ordinary Photoshop frame, but it's the one that differes. Your picture is going to be full of sparkles with lights with this Photoshop effect. N-497 You will turn your photo into a picture hanging in museum with this Photoshop effect. People are sitting and standing quietly looking at it. This Photoshop effect woks best with portrait-like images to preserve every detail.  N-496 Picture yourself in the field of spring flowers, flowers of yellow and green - it goes almost like in a song of N-495 This faded picture will be one more Photoshop frame of yours, which gives you a hint at the World War II. Nobody has won in that war, there was only an ocean of dead people, and the only faded photography reminds of them. N-494 Outdoor advertising is considered the oldest form of advertising, dating back to sales messages chiseled on stone tablets by Egyptian merchants who placed them along public roadways. This Photoshop effect lets you advertise two of your pictures somewhere in the centre of a big city. N-493 You'll be hypnotized by the view what you'll see. A very lovely Photoshop frame with a charming background. There's nothing in it but this. But what a feeling! Nothing to compare with. Why shouldn't you try it? N-492 This Photoshop effect will convert your picture into a water bubble. How it looks like is  difficult to describe. You'd better take a look yourself. Such a picture is worth many words. Even when not to speak about the creativity of the artist! N-491 This Photoshop frame will bring you in between the cartoon characters of African animals. The frame itself has nothing to do with these characters, but the surroundings create such an unexpected atmosphere you can hardly think of. N-490 N-489 Imagine your cat sleeping with a paw on your picture. Would you like to know how it looks like? Then apply this Photoshop effect to check. Very enjoyable indeed. Especially if your cat is a real pet in your family.  N-488 You can decorate your car with your pictures with this Photoshop effect. It works best with portrait-like photos so that you could see every detail. The most important thing is to find the right pictures. N-487 The summer is over. It's time for school again. Everything is prepared: a schoolbag, textbooks, pens, pencils and even a globe. You can create such a collage with your pictures by applying this Photoshop effect. N-486 Paper and office supplies, writing implements, pencils and a pencil case on the table - that's one more Photoshop frame for your picture which you'll find pasted into a calendar lying here too.