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N-485 This Photoshop frame shows your pictures on the billboard in front of the Carlton Hotel. The frame itself is a photo of a quiet and cosy street but you can make it cosier with your picture. Try and see how it looks like. N-484 You can create a funny photocollage with this Photoshop effect. There are comics cars and trucks in it, so it will be highly appreciated by the car fans. It is also perfect for children who like playing with toy cars. N-483 You can transform your picture into a tatoo on the body of some half-nude sexy chick by applying this Photoshop effect. If you bring yourself to try it, don't show it to your kids just to be on the safe side. N-482 This Photoshop effect smears your picture so that it will look diffused. No experience required! Just paste your photo into the frame and here it is. Don't hesitate, simply try it and that's all. N-481 In Photoshop there are absolutely countless ways of creating photo borders or frames. This Photoshop effect will merge your picture into a tropical scenery with palm-trees, a warm sea coast and the purple sky in the sunset time. N-480 Two lost pictures in the sand somewhere on a beach surrounded by sea-shells that's a new Photoshop frame for your pictures this time. The collage you can create with this Photoshop effect bears a tinge of sadness in it but nevertheless looks very impressive. N-479 There's no way to ascape from being popular. Some people like it, some doesn't. But when you see your face on every billboard, that's too much. You can check how these people feel by applying this Photoshop effect. N-478 This Photoshop effect will make your picture from pieces LEGO. It's difficult to say whether you like it but any transformation of a picture makes you take a look at it from a different point of view. N-477 This time the Photoshop frame for your picture is a wrinkled sheet of paper. Looks a little bit unusual, doesn't it? But at the same time intriguing. Try this Photoshop effect and you'll see what you get in the end. N-476 This modest Photoshop frame has one vivid and very important advantage: you can make an inscription under your photo. And everything you can't express with your picture, you can express with words. N-475 This Photoshop frame looks like a chess-board that's why you will need six pictures for it.The mixture of your pictures and floral motives forms a unique constellation of elation, tenderness and holiday. N-474 Create a countryside-like wallpaper for you computer with this Photoshop effect. Your picture will be right in the middle of	a field of wheat gradually growing transparent and merging into the background. N-473 Men will surely like this Photoshop frame because there's a very sexy pin-up in it. And you'll find your picture in an ordinary wooden frame hanging on the wall. There's no doubt! If you make such a collage, it will exceed all your expectations. N-472 This funny photograph shows a dead drunk cat sleeping on the bottle of vodka. And by applying our Photoshop effect you can place your pictures near him. Nobody says they must be pictures with your face. It can be anybody you like or dislike. N-471 This lovely Photoshop frame with two pictures will help you to create a kind of a photo album page with gorgeous tracery. All you have to do is to paste your images into it and to enjoy your work of art. N-470 One more delightful Photoshop frame with a bunch of light pink roses on the left-hand side and your picture on the opposite. Ideal to express your feelings to your wife, girlfriend or just beloved.