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N-469 If you want to create a captivating desktop wallpaper with your picture for your PC, you've got to the right place. By applying this Photoshop effect you'll make a mysterious collage with a sea under the setting sun and a windjammer on the horizon. N-468 Children are sure to like this Photoshop frame because there's a teddy-bear in it holding a brush so as if he just drew your picture. And the frame itself is nothing more than a roll of cardboard slightly writhed at the ends. N-467 Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is London. Heavy traffic, crowds of people. And you can post your picture here in the form of a tremendous billboard with this Photoshop effect. And furthermore, you can store this collage on your own computer. N-466 You can create a realistic film frame with this Photoshop effect. First of all you need to take six images to make such a collage. Mind that the first picture you choose is going to be the biggest one and will be situated in the middle of the collage. The rest of them will form a frame around it. N-465 You might transform your picture into a black and white billboard hanging in front of some shabby company. Doesn't sound great, does it? But you should try this Photoshop frame just to see how it looks like. N-464 This Photoshop frame will help you to create quite an enjoyable collage with your picture in it. They say that hard work pays off in the future. But it takes time and efforts to master Photoshop. You can work with Photoshop right now using our effects and frames. N-463 A light-box can illuminate your large images and increase the impact of your pictures! Combining good looks, bright lighting and a friendly design, an advertising light-box is a great choice for any environment. And that's a new Photoshop frame it's going to be. N-462 This Photoshop effect will convert you picture into a drawing done in pencil. It works better with portrait-like images to preserve every detail. All you have to do is to paste your picture into this frame. N-461 In this Photoshop frame you'll see your picture on the face of a luxury watch. You can use images from old calendars, magazines, posters, etc. In this case you might achieve a funny effect. But after all it's up to you which pictures to choose. N-460 This funny Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a full-size black and white billboard with a traffic lights post in front of it. It must be the most offensive billboard you have ever seen. N-459 This is another charming Photoshop effect with light rosy tulips and a frame of the same colour. Green in the top left-hand and the bottom right-hand corners only underlines the beauty of the collage with your picture. N-458 This Photoshop frame looks like a worn-out calendar page with torn edges. Nevertheless your picture is going to be brand-new. Combining the old background with bright colours of a new photo makes the old look mysterious and the new brilliant. N-457 You'll need six pictures for this Photoshop collage to find them all in the honeycomb in the end. So, you can collect photos of all your friends or colleagues in one place. And the whole collage looks really tough! N-456 In this Photoshop frame you'll find your image in the circle of the characters of the German animated television series N-455 Billboards are large outdoor advertising structures, mainly found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. You might also advertise for