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N-454 Here's one more lovely Photoshop frame with a lot of flowers all around your picture. It's perfect as a greeting postcard and you won't be ashamed when you paste your picture into it. And what is more, you are sure to like its design. N-453 This Photoshop effect shows your picture among the characters of the animated movie N-452 This Photoshop frame can combine flowers of all colours of the rainbow with your image inside. And you'll find your picture right in the middle of these ocean of flowers. The collage looks really splendid and leaves an unforgettable impression. N-451 You might billboard your picture with this Photoshop frame. There are a good deal of reasons for the recent rise in billboard advertising and the most important of them is cost efficiency. Compared to other kinds of advertising, billboards are a relatively cheap way to get your point across to the general public. N-450 Here's one more Photoshop frame with festive motives. You will find a lot of flowers and many other attributes of a holiday in it. Perfect for any congratulations, for example, birthdays and other occasions. N-449 You'll have to choose two pictures for this Photoshop frame. It's up to you what images you take. The most important thing is what you will get in the long run. Let it be a secret or rather a puzzle. N-448 You can create a mysterious collage in black and white with this Photoshop effect. There's some doubt whether you like it but life is a box of chocolates and you never know what you'll get before you try. N-447 You are going to be in the TV news report with this Photoshop effect. Try it to see how it looks like. In general there's nothing special in it but curiosity isn't a bad habit at all, as the saying goes. N-446 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a pattern on a pillow. It's difficult to do something like that in your real life but with Photoshop it's quite possible. It works best with portrait-like images because your photo is going to be depicted in rough strokes. N-445 This funny Photoshop frame will help you to create a collage with a donkey holding your picture in its teeth. Besides that the picture has torn edges and looks a little bit crumpled. At least it evokes a smile upon your face. N-444 Auto racing is one of the world's most watched televised sports. This Photoshop frame allows you to place your pictures in the form of advertising on the sideboard of the car-racing track. Looks very enjoyable. N-443 You can create a lovely collage in all shades of blue with this Photoshop effect. And you'll find your picture on the side of a cigarette-lighter. It can also serve as a wallpaper for your computer because the colours are quite relaxing for your eyes. N-442 This simple Photoshop frame lets you paste pictures of any kind. And what is more important you can write an inscription under it. It looks modest but nevertheless has something in it. You are sure to like it. N-441 You can turn your picture into a watercolour with this Photoshop effect. It works better with portrait-like photos so that the collage you will get preserves the slightest details. There are also some other things in it which make it look more attractive. N-440 This gorgeous Photoshop frame is full of flowers and will please your eyes if you paste your picture into it. And what is the most important, you don't have to be an artist to create such a masterpiece. Everything is ready and awaits your photo. N-439 You can create a funny collage to the the St. Valentine's Day with this Photoshop effect. Never in your wildest dreams you might have imagined your picture there where it is. But nevertheless there is a grain of truth.