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N-438 This modest Photoshop frame is ideal for the picture of your beloved. There is nothing special in it but, as people say, modesty is the best quality. Works best with portrait-like photos for that reason. N-437 As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. You can combine two pictures with this Photoshop effect and get a lovely collage all in green. Perfect as a wallpaper for your computer because the green colour relaxes the eyes. N-436 You won't be disappointed with this Photoshop frame because it bears so much of spring power with its pastel colours that you will lack for words. There is no use of describing it. It's better to take a look. N-435 We got to move these refrigerators, we got to move these colour TVs... Advertising again. This Photoshop frame lets you place your pictures onto a billboard. Boring, you will say. Maybe. But why shouldn't you try? N-434 If you paste your picture into this Photoshop frame, you will get a lovely desktop wallpaper for your PC. The play of light and shadow makes it look a little bit mysterious. Just take a look yourself. N-433 Here's one more collage with four pictures. One of them will be big and stands out. The rest forms a piece of a developed photographic film with flowers in the background. Not the worst  Photoshop frame after all. N-432 You can create a humorous collage with this Photoshop effect pasting your picture into a cup of coffee. The cup is heart-shaped, so the collage can also be treated as a lyrical one. But in any case it looks extraordinary. N-431 You will need 5 pictures for this Photoshop collage. First of all you have to decide which picture is going to be #1, because it will build the background. Then choose 4 other images which will be placed over it. What will you get in the end? It's hard to say. Try to use this Photoshop frame and you will see. N-430 This Photoshop frame is a badge in which you can paste your picture. Don't worry. There's no name of the organization you represent. It's just a simple frame for your photo. Just try it. Who knows? Maybe you will like it. N-429 Big bras from the big bra shop in its illuminated window with your picture. Sounds funny, doesn't it? You can make such a collage with this Photoshop effect. It opens your mind and gives you a chance to learn and laugh. N-428 Here's another Photoshop frame made in the cartoon style. If the sun doesn't shine, create a collage using this frame and you'll feel much better. Its pastel colours will match any picture you take. N-427 You can create a lovely collage with cartoon characters by applying this Photoshop effect. There are some funny piglets, Winnie-the-Pooh, Bunny and others in it. Your children will surely like it with their pictures. N-426 Wow, it's a very charming Photoshop frame made out of red tulips in the form of a heart. Perfect to the St. Valentine's Day. You don't even have to say a word to your girlfriend to express your feelings. N-425 Here's one more Photoshop effect you might pay attention to. There's nothing special in it at the first sight - just an ordinary day in the life of a big city. But when you choose the right picture for it, it will look attractive. N-424 This Photoshop frame contains place for two pictures of yours. If you are up to creating a collage with it, it's better to take portrait-like photos, so that it would look like a page from a photo album with some decorations.