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N-423 Time flies. And only calendars show us that another month has gone. This Photoshop frame will help you to create a funny calendar page with your picture and cartoon characters in it. Try it to see what you will get. N-422 This Photoshop frame is devoted to Football Mundial 2010. It looks rather like a collage because there are many symbols of this event. Your picture can be there too if you download it. Looks not bad, doesn't it? N-421 Take a fresh look at your picture in this Photoshop frame. It has an oval form and is decorated with stylized flowers and tiny water bubbles which stand out against a golden background texture. N-420 You could be the main shirt sponsor of a football club like AEG or Samsung. All you need to do is to paste your picture onto the shirts of the players. And it's possible with this funny Photoshop effect. N-419 N-418 For the first time in football history the FIFA World Cup was hosted on African soil. The artwork you can create with this Photoshop effect depicts a celebration of the African continent as well as everyone who calls it home. N-417 It's fun to try something different that you haven't ever done before. This Photoshop effecft lets you paste your picture into an unusual frame with broken dimentions so as if you were looking at it from a distance. N-416 You can create an original desktop wallpaper of high quality with your favorite picture in it by applying this Photoshop effect. It looks really nice. The ocean, palm-trees and your picture fading into the evening sky. N-415 You will turn your picture into a drawing done in pencil with this Photoshop effect. And there's also a funny puppet of a cat in this collage to make it more impressive. Maybe this is him who has done the drawing with his tail. N-414 You won't pity if you paste your picture into this Photoshop frame. This collage is worth a thousand words. Or, to put it differently, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. What else can be said? Brilliant, marvelous and charming. N-413 A telephone booth whereon the sidewall enclosures your picture - that's the presented Photoshop frame for you. You won't be dissapointed at this view. All you have to do is to paste your picture into the frame. N-412 Imagine a green paper bag with a luxury bunch of flowers! Have you done that? So, now guess where your picture is going to be with this Photoshop effect. You don't know, do you? Apply this Photoshop frame and you will see. N-411 This gorgeous Photoshop frame will match any picture you take. Its blurred edges will give an extra kick to every image. Just try it to see if it's really so. There's no doubt that you won't regret it. N-410 This Photoshop frame will also help you to enlarge your collection of wallpapers. Crimson and red colours combined with dark silhouettes of flying birds underline your picture in the spot of light which gradually melts down in the background. N-409 You can create a light and airy collage with this Photoshop effect. It contains your picture, teddy bear and many tender words. It's perfect for your sweethearts or very close friends. Kids are sure to like it as well.