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N-408 This is one more a wallpaper-like Photoshop frame for your PC. The desert in the background makes your pictures absorb sandy shades and the whole collage gives a feeling of solitude. N-407 That's a really gorgeous Photoshop frame in the form of an open book with the place for two pictures. The surface it is lying on creates an old-fashioned atmosphere, and so does the book itself. N-406 Would you like to advertise for N-405 You can create a black and white realistic film frame with this Photoshop effect. After all why shouldn't you take a look at yourself at a different angle? Who knows? Perhaps you'll detect in yourself something unexpected. N-404 It's better to take a photo of your face for this Photoshop frame because in this collage you'll see a modest bunch of flowers in front of your nose. And it looks as if you were smelling them. A nice present for yourself, isn't it? N-403 A bundle of bank-notes and all of them are one hundred bucks. Sounds great! Besides you can paste your face instead of Benjamin Franklin's into the upper one. Maybe it's not a bad idea to have fun with your friends. N-402 You might create a lovely postcard-like collage with this Photoshop frame. Except your photo you'll find here Winnie-the-Pooh and a good many dandelions. Perfect for kids to do experiments with. N-401 Make beautiful frames for your pictures. This Photoshop frame, for example, lets you post your picture on the front elevation of a building which most likely is a motel. Looks extraordinary and hopefully a little bit funny. N-400 This Photoshop frame is ideal for car fans because you can place your picture on the wall above a very cool-looking car. And what is more you advertise for a famous international fashion brand with your picture. Not the worst collage you've ever seen! N-399 You can give the illusion as if you images are situated on the different pages of one and the same illustrated book with this Photoshop frame. The only thing you need is two pictures equal in size and quality. N-398 This Photoshop frame lets you combine two ordinary photos pinned up side by side on the wall. It works better with images of people but can also be used with landscapes, pictures of animals, etc. To cut a long story short, it's up to you. N-397 A collage in general refers to an arrangement of photos to create something entirely new and unique from the original pictures used. This Photoshop frame helps you to create a collage with your picture pasted into a billboard. N-396 Russian President Medvedev is looking closely at your pictures. Can you imagine that? Such a funny collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. But he doesn't seem to be satisfied with their quality. N-395 You will create a simple lyrical collage with one photo of yours by applying this Photoshop effect which contains a page torn out of an old notebook. The frame for your picture is decorated with fresh plants, flowers and berries thus contrasting old and new. N-394 You'll have to take two pictures for this Photoshop frame which lets you paste them into a shop-window lit up brightly. It's better to choose big images so that your collage would look more attractive.