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N-393 It's June again and you can create a lovely calendar page with your picture in it by applying this Photoshop effect. It combines a slight rosy background done in delicate pastel shades and a photo of roses. N-392 An old billboard with torn edges that's the frame where you can place your pictures with this Photoshop effect. Or maybe it isn't a billboard at all but just a section of some wooden fence. You'll never know before you try. N-391 If you paste your picture into this Photoshop frame, you'll find yourself on the wall of a sky-scraper right in the centre of a big city. Heavy traffic and crowds of people strengthen the impression so that everything looks really tough. N-390 You will have to take six images for this Photoshop collage to make a set of them hanging on the wall. Nothing special at the first sight but it's not easy to find a frame which lets you unite so many pictures in one place. N-389 A Polaroid collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. That's why you will need three pictures for it. But it's not enough. Each picture bears an inscription, so you have to think what to write. You might even get something like N-388 This Photoshop frame is a combination of your picture and many animated cartoons characters with the colourful background. Perfect for children but adults might also enjoy this collage. N-387 N-386 Your photo on the display of a supermodern gadget might be created with this Photoshop effect. Quite a usual thing in the real life. But what about pasting a picture of something extraordinary? There are a lot of possibilities for a new design. N-385 This Photoshop frame is also very enjoyable. It's surrounded by all the flowers you can imagine. If you create a collage with this frame, you won't regret it a single while. It looks so as if you came to the flower-show. N-384 A lovely wedding collage can be created with this Photoshop effect. There are all wedding attributes you might think of: wedding rings, champagne in glasses, roses and a heart for your picture. Please your eyes with it. N-383 This is one more a wallpaper-like Photoshop frame for your PC. Dark colours prevail in this collage but your picture is lit up by the rising sun. There is also a little trick in it which you'll see after applying it. N-382 You turn your picture into a sketch done in charcoal with this Photoshop effect. And it works best with half-length images to see all the details. The blue sky with some clouds serves as a background for your collage and makes it look startling. N-381 You can paste your photo into a wooden frame with this Photoshop effect. The frame is decorated with funny cartoon pictures which give the whole collage an impression of a fairy-tale. Try it to see how it looks like. N-380 There are practically no changes to your picture with this Photoshop effect. You are being just painted in oil by an unknown artist. But you'll get two pictures in this frame, the bigger one - the original, and the smaller - an oil painting. N-379 Two cartoon frogs greeted a cat: N-378 Chanel N 5 was the first perfume launched by Parisian couturier Gabrielle