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N-377 N-376 Framing a picture is not only adding a border around it, but it is about making the picture look more artistic and attractive as well. So is it with this Photoshop frame. You won't pity it for a second if you try this Photoshop effect. N-375 You can create a lovely photo album page with four pictures by applying this Photoshop effect. It looks so fresh that you get a startling feeling which comes from the spring motives the page is decorated with. N-374 You will achieve a halftone edge effect for your pictures with this Photoshop frame. And the slight vintage shades are here too. The collage looks marvelous. Try this frame and you will be overwhelmed with the result. N-373 This animated Photoshop frame will help you to post your picture above a luxury bunch of red roses. And the collage you create will exceed all your expectations. There's the only thing to say - gorgeous. N-372 Many moments of your life can be captured and cherished by your next generations through a picture, and the best way to showcase those valuable photos is to give them an unexpected picture frame. This Photoshop frame will bring your picture on the wall of an empty subway station. N-371 Would you like to join the astronaut Charles N-370 One more a wallpaper-like Photoshop frame for your computer. Just imagine: a countryside landscape with a windmill and the sun is beating down. Lovely, isn't it? And your picture glows in the colours of the sunset... N-369 If you paste three pictures into this Photoshop frame, you will get a fascinating postcard all in rosy shades. Your temperature will rise by several degrees, when you see it. Treat yourself to this pleasure, don't miss a chance! N-368 You might create a lovely postcard with this Photoshop frame. Its tender colours won't surely leave you indifferent. There's no use to describe how it looks like. You'd better take a look at it with your own eyes. N-367 Out of sight, out of mind. If you apply this Photoshop effect, you'll see your picture being removed from a billboard somewhere downtown. The worker has just begun his job, so your image will stay practically intact. N-366 Are you fond of detective stories? If so, you might create a collage with a gun and a police badge in which you can paste your photo and even write your name with this Photoshop effect. Got interested? Then just try it. N-365 Sometimes dogs are cleverer than we think. So, there's no wonder when a dog works at your laptop with a wallpaper of yours. So, just paste your picture into this funny Photoshop frame to see how it looks like. N-364 This Photoshop effect will be appreciated by the car owners who pay much attention to their car tuning. It lets you post your picture on the hood of your car. It works best with half-length photos because the hood of your car isn't as big as that. N-363 If you want to share your digital photos online in the Internet, you might consider to beautify them with Photoshop borders. This one is just the right thing. Besides it can serve as a wallpaper for your PC for the current month because it's a calendar page.