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N-362 It's no use crying over spilt milk. Or rather coffee as it is in this case. The Photoshop frame you are offered will place your picture onto a coffee cup being filled with coffee but a little bit missed. N-361 This funny Photoshop effect is aimed at those who like going to the bars. When you see your face in the window of some bar, you will certainly smile. And it's possible with this Photoshop frame. N-360 The collage you can create with this Photoshop effect at the first sight has nothing special in it. But when you take a closer look, you will appreciate the texture of the paper and the modesty it is done with in particular. N-359 When you add frames to photos you'll find the way to enhance the images in an artistic way. This Photoshop frame combines three pictures of yours placed on one page of a photo album. Looks really great! N-358 You will need three pictures to apply this Photoshop effect. And you'll find them on the different sides of a cube. Looks extraordinary. But the right combination of the pictures can create an enjoyable impression. N-357 It is true that Photoshop effects is perhaps one of the most popular topics today. And it is also true that after we applied an effect to a photo, we are tempted to wrap it up like a gift. And you can easily do it by applying this Photoshop effect. N-356 This Photoshop frame can surely serve as a very romantic wallpaper. Your picture reflects in the water and the whole surroundings too. You can also play a little bit with the Photoshop effects to transform it the way you like. N-355 You've been trapped! Actually not you but your picture which you can paste into this funny Photoshop frame. Maybe your picture wanted to steal a piece of cheese or something like that? N-354 A pavement-artist is doing your picture in crayons. But the most humorous thing is that he is copying it from a photo held upside down. And it's also yours. That's another Photoshop frame to have some fun with. N-353 A funny Photoshop frame in which you can paste your image onto a wall of a waste paper container. It's hard to say who deserves a place there, you have to decide. Just try it to see how it looks like. N-352 This Photoshop frame with two pictures will help you to create a lovely collage with dolphins, blue sea water and certainly empty spaces for your pics. Looks very romantic and can also be a wallpaper for your PC. N-351 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a cloud of vapour and smoke streaming from a cup of coffee. It works best of all with half-length images because otherwise you will hardly recognize yourself in the cloud. N-350 Pictures and photos are all around us. At home, in the streets and so on. Why shouldn't you try to post your picture onto your garage door. Just for fun, to see how it would look like. With this Photoshop effect it is quite possible. N-349 This Photoshop effect is going to show you how different objects might be united for a nice abstract combination scene. One of them can be yours. Many good design scenes are based on different pictures. But to put them together you only need to pick a few right images. N-348 An energetic, vibrant, colourful wallpaper with a lot of animated cartoons characters and your photo in between that's what you can create with this Photoshop frame. Surely your children will like it if you make such a collage with their pictures.