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N-347 You had a quarrel with your spouse and it even came to tearing pictures from your family photo album. How it might look like you will learn after applying this Photoshop effect. Humorous, isn't it. So it's better not to run to an extreme. N-346 Can you imagine your picture on the pack of condoms? Hopefully not. How it looks like you can check with this Photoshop effect. Not the worst thing you have seen in your life, is it? Just try this Photoshop frame to make sure. N-345 You can transform an ordinary photo of yours to something extraordinary with this Photoshop effect. This time it's going to be your picture done with pencil. The changes that take place during transformation give your photo unexpected shades. N-344 If you want to paste your picture into a trendy party style background, try this Photoshop effect. Everything that brings a party fun is here. And certainly your picture is here among all those things. Looks bright, colourful and holiday-like. N-343 This Photoshop effect will turn your picture into a tattoo on the forearm of the American  hero Rosie the Riveter. Rosie the Riveter was a patriotic icon of the United States during World War II. It represented American women who replaced American men in factories and plants which produced munitions and war supplies while male workers were in the military. N-342 With this Photoshop effect you can modify your image so that you'll find it on the surface of a drumhead. It works better with half-length portraits because the drum isn't so big. Well, take a look and you'll see what you get. N-341 It's always a lot of fun to to do experiments with different techniques of Photoshop and to spice up boring pictures or to make them into artworks or even masterpieces. This Photoshop effect lets you create a lovely wedding collage. N-340 An awesome still life can be made with this Photoshop effect: a bunch of roses on the table and a picture of yours, which has turned into black and white. And the whole impression you get has a trail of the retro style. N-339 A mouse pad of your computer with your picture on it that's what you can create with this Photoshop effect. Looks a little bit strange and a little bit funny, but not at all boring. Try it to see what you will get. N-338 You can create a sparkling fantasy photo manipulation with African motives by applying this Photoshop effect, which might also be a wallpaper for your PC. A reddish background of the sunset and dark silhouettes of animals give a taste of something unreal. N-337 Download your picture into this Photoshop frame and you will learn yourself from a different side. It's difficult to say where your image is, but it looks wonderful. There's some glow coming from inside and the dark brown background strengthens the impression. N-336 This Photoshop effect will turn your photo into a oil painting which hangs somewhere in a cloister. Never hoped to find yourself in that kind of situation? Then try it and you'll see how it looks like. N-335 You will need two pictures to create a collage with this Photoshop effect. Both of them will turn into big posters which hang at the entrance of some arts gallery. All you need is just to paste your images into this frame. N-334 One more Easter collage which gives you an opportunity to paste your pictures into an Easter egg. Enjoy taking photos of your family and friends, learn how to quickly and easily add a soft focus to a photo and see how it makes your images look a bit more magical. N-333 You can turn your picture into a memorial tablet hanging high on the rock with this Photoshop effect. It's better to take portrait photos otherwise you won't be able to see small details after this transformation.